Thoughts on MH370

I actually had quite a lot to write regarding my recent outing in Impiana golf last week, but after what happened to MH370, everything else seems a little trivial.

This is a little close to my heart in a way, as my wife was supposed to be flying to Beijing that weekend itself on a Sunday. So it was 2 flights ahead of the lost MH370.

I asked her if it wasn’t for our son, would she have gone earlier to have the weekend there before the Monday meetings and she said, yes, probably on the flight on Friday night.

I obviously don’t know or don’t understand how it must be for the families right now. It seems almost presumptous to say I know how they feel. Or as one politician put in his twitter, a picture of him hugging one of the passenger’s father and noting: “As a father, I know how you feel….”

No, you don’t. Especially not you, since your kids are born with a silver spoon jammed firmly into their mouths. Unless you have had a loved one suddenly whisked away and not knowing what happened and disappeared: You. DO. NOT. Understand. So I wish politicians or well-meaning people would stop saying that. It’s not even empathy. It’s just a stupid remark, which unfortunately seems to be the order of the day for our officials.

It’s now a week since the disappearance, and no, I have no idea where the plane is or what happened to it. Like everyone I have some opinions, but at the end, like everyone else, prayer for their safety seems to be the only thing that we can do.

Or head over to and help look for the plane.