A short Commercial Break

I just started another blog called So You Are Fired…What Now? You can access it here.

So if you’re stopping by this one, have a look at the other one. I’m trying to provide some helpful data for those that are in career transition (a nicer way of saying, darn, I’m out of job and got no money to buy dog food, because I’m still playing too much golf), like resume writing, cover letters, vertical markets data, severance packages, employee rights etc. I was searching for all this, and thought it’d be good to capture a bit of the experience so that others might find it useful (hopefully no one is in that stage!).

So drop by and give me some helpful comments on how to improve/make it better. It’s not only for the fired, but hopefully I can put in some useful contents even for the career and corporate folks. I mean 11 years in corporate, I MUST HAVE acquired some skill aside from playing golf! C’mon!

At the meantime, I just had a pretty lousy game at the Cobra Course in Saujana but it’s a really superb course. Can it achieve the elusive DAGTH status? We’ll see!

Gilagolf all the way!

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