Augusta Rock n Roll

Well, here we are again, at a time when the Gilagolf Prediction Engine is going full scale into trying to get our first prediction correct. Our last GPE effort was taking Tiger Woods over a little Korean pygmy called YE Yang. Unbelievably, we jinxed Tiger and he winded up losing the PGA Championship and 50 million dollars worth of endorsement subsequently.

So anyways, this is the first golf tournament I am actually staying up to watch, simply because of the guy in the red shirt, being in contention in the final day, looking as if he has never been away and looking in fine shape, as opposed to the lumbering marshmallow man, Phil Mickleson. Is it me, or did that dude piled up a couple of tons lately??

Here’s our GPE!

1. Lee Westwood

We have always been unkind to Lee, saying he’s a choker and unable to close any match, even if he’s leading by 50 strokes. He’s the master of self sabotaging, and….yes, we look for that saboteur trend to continue. Predict that he will play like a constipated emu in the first few holes and wind up losing the tournament.

2. Phil Mickleson

Phil is not a particular favourite to Gilagolfers and here’s why: 18th hole, lying off the slope in 3, with little green to work with, and he flops a magnificent 64 degree up in the air like a chapati and landed softly to 4 feet for a par-save. If we even attempt to do that, we’ll wind up skulling the ball and murdering our caddy. So, yeah, thanks Phil for making us all feel like we should give up golf and become Alam Flora workers instead. As much as we don’t like him, I must say he’s looking in great shape. His golf, that is. He physically still looks like a pregnant man. Contend, but end up short!

3. Tiger Woods

Need I say more? This guy is focused on golf for the first time in his life instead of thinking about having sex with a random blonde in the gallery. And it shows. He had a supreme shot yesterday on the 18th for a birdie, and he’s carrying momentum. He’s still rusty though, especially his driver, but he’s Tiger. Yet…he will fall short, because someone resembling that pornstar woman will be distracting him from the gallery with a sign “Tiger is the father of my kids!!”

4. KJ Choi

KJ, KJ. We love his stoic moodiness when he plays, as if cracking a smile would completely disintegrate his entire face. He lost the chance for glory when YE Yang pipped him to become not just the first Asian to win a major, but the first Korean! KJ is pissed, trust me. The statue of him gripping his fat grip putter located in the Southern Hills of Keng-Jwo where korean golfers ply their pilgrimage to every year, has been replaced by YE, and his screaming face when he won the PGA. When KJ is pissed, he’s going to go all the way. Because he’s Asian, and he’s as emotional as the stone pillars outside your house, here’s to KJ, and the second Asian Major win, two in a row.  WIN ONE FOR GILAGOLF!! WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!!!

5. Freddy, Ricky Barnes, Ian Poulter, Hunter Mahan

Between this four, I am putting in my money for Hunter. This guy is a solid ball striker and he’s the coolest dude around. Also, he and Barnes go back long ways. It’s too bad they are not playing together but like always my bet is always on Hunter. With a name like that, how not to win?

6. YE Yang and Anthony Kim

These are two dark horses. I doubt YE is going to make too much of an impression. He’s already feeling the heat from the Korean KGB for taking the glory from the true golf deity of eastern culture KJ. I predict YE will throw away the game. As for Anthony, he’s fast becoming a favorite because he has a belt buckle as big as the Mercedes Benz C class sign. I don’t think he can cover enough to win it, unles the leaders fall back, but hey, Anthony, you are all time favourite, next to that piece of trash David Duval, who had us rooting for him so much, he was jinxed into playing like a baboon trying to do algebra.

OK, KJ, let’s get this darn Trophy and win it for all ASIA! Korea Boleh!!

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