Birdie Run Ends

I didn’t want to jinx it so I didn’t mention it.

But I was on a birdie run which ended last week.

For 5 games, I had at least one birdie. My birdie run stood at six when my luck ran out in Sungai Long. Although I cracked 90, I missed a lot of putts, including a 6 footer for birdie on the 10th.

So far, I’m pretty ok this year, I am averaging around 0.44 birdie, meaning, around 1 birdie in 2.3 games or so. That means birdies aren’t that rare anymore. Which means my irons are generally getting better, because it sure aint my stupid putter.

Anyways, I am going to be taking a longish break – around 3 weeks or so without golf – partly due to the haze, but mainly due to travelling, so won’t be updating in a while, unless Tiger Woods hits the news again.

Happy Hacking, Gilagolfers!