GilaGolf is Back!

Or as much as I could bring it back to its original state.

For some reason, I couldn’t get the original theme running so I had to settle with this theme. The main menus are pretty much the same, the Maxfli logo is still there, and hopefully everything is back to normal. Let me know if there are any broken links (if any).

So what has happened in the golf world?

Nothing much. We haven’t been playing in any new courses for the LONGEST time, but we’re organising a bit for the end year, likely will hit the following before the year end:

1. A Famosa

2. Orna

3. Awana

4. Some random courses in Johor

The Johor courses will be touch and go. We need to get our passes to get out of Singapore during our family’s annual pilgrimage there. While the wives go shopping, the guys will need to sneak out at 5 am and cram in 36 holes. Any suggestions?

1. Tanjong Puteri

2. Daiman 18

3. Horizon Hills

4. Pulai Springs

I think the others like Legends will be tad bit too far to journey to.

Stay tuned!

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