went down!

Apparently some idiots (probably a staff from one of the golf courses in WOTM and AAC categories), decided to mess up by replacing all my files with redirects to some other site. I can only derive 2 things here:-

1) That an idiot would think it worth their time to actually bring down Seriously. It’s like stealing from the church. Or taking away cutleries and food from a flood relief centre. It’s like honking in a hospital zone. What kind of demented, crooked, vile piece of amoeba-like scum would actually lower themselves to do such things? Gilagolf security is probably as good as my lame and blind, deaf and mute Labrador guarding our home.

2) Gilagolf has become big enough to actually say: Hey, we got hacked! It’s kinda an ironic flattery that the amoeba-like scums would actually take the site offline.

So, I’ll try to get back things in order, but will take some time before running smoothly as before.

Meantime, we’ll run some investigations on the AAC and WOTM clubs to see who has done it. Worse case, we’ll go there with our pitching wedge and start taking huge chunks of divots on their greens.

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