Tasik Puteri and Other Thoughts for the Week

Those who follow this blog knows that there are a few courses that I absolutely detest. And one of it is the 3rd nine in Tasik Puteri. I had to play it again recently, and again, fared horribly. It just annoys me. Being long is one thing, but having a character as interesting as a piece of brick is another. Strangely, moving into the first nine, my game didn’t improve at all, scoring a pair of 48s, in what is a very bad game for me. The par 3s in Tasik Puteri is just fantastically horrible. And most of the holes are set up to kill the hook…which is my bad shot. I wish I had a slice as a bad shot, but no, almost every single hole, there was trouble on the left. Even one of the par 3s, set up to resemble the famous island green in TPC Sawgrass, the way a rotted banana found in the dumpster resembles fine caviar.

Anyway, speaking of TPC Sawgrass, the big news was that the Big Fijian Vijay Singh is suing the PGA tour for investigating him for using deer antler spray.

I know, it really sounds stupid. And I don’t know which part of it does in the above sentence. Investigating for using deer antler spray? Stupid PGA Tour. Suing a tour that had given you close to 67 million USD in prize money over the years? That’s just cold. His premise was that the PGA Tour didn’t investigate properly whether they banned substance was material to affect his golf game. He said he used it to ease his back, the way we use deep heat or YOKO YOKO, I guess.

So PGA Tour messed up.

Now Vijay Singh is suing them because he felt he was ‘humiliated’.

I don’t know, I just think there are things to just let go and forgive each other for being a di*k. Vijay has always been painted as a bad guy, and this won’t do any favours for his image. Congrats, Vijay. You just put “Deer Antler Spray” into my vocabulary the way the word “Gerrymandering” has entered into my vocabulary this weekend.

Let’s just get some golf games in and watch the Players Championship starting tomorrow, shall we?

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