The Tale of Two Champions

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer

Once upon a time, two fellow sports giant ruled their sport. One with clubs and the other with racquets. They conquered their foes one by one enroute to winning majors after majors, each setting their own records in their respective sport, each dazzling their opponents and became known as the Destroyers of Hope. They literally destroyed hope in their fellow competitors.

Then, a strange thing happened.

One of the giants fell, pounded in the face by his wife, revealed to be not a god, but a true devil, sleeping with 2000 women and found in bed with another woman as his real wife was giving birth. The other giant sort of fell, due to injury and the birth of his twin daughters to a not so hot wife. In any case, both were replaced as the alpha male in their sport. The first replaced by a trio of European misfits, one sporting pubic hair on his head; the other giant replaced by a Spanish neanderthal and a Serbian communist.

This year, the year of the Dragon, these giants will rise. The first one, usually decked in red is still coming to terms with his newfound powers, and beset with inconsistency still by winning one week and missing the cut in the other, but surely rising to the top to reclaim his spot from the bunch of hopeless pretenders. The other giant, has now summit to number 1 again, and for all his sissy crying after winning Wimbledon, remains the GOAT of Tennis…the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

Here are the side by side stats. Who is the GREATER?