We hate Love Part II.

I thought this was done and dusted. But after reading the ESPN article, I’ll have to say this: Davis Love III will be used as a bad word from now on. Here’s how we use it:

“What? I don’t give a flying Davis Love III whether you know how to do it or not, just do it! Davis Love III!”

“I just had the most Davis Love III-ing amazing time tonight.”

“Davis Love III’s sakes! You can’t even do a simple thing like that??!?”

“That mother-Davis Love III-er is really going to get punched in the face one day.”

Davis Love III captained the US team as how he played: spineless, courageless and absolutely in mind-numbing, mentally crippling fashion. He’s the villain for US, and he will always be known as the absolute worst captain of all time. He’s finished. From here on, Davis Love III will be selling hotdogs for a living, nobody should come within a 10 foot pole of this guy.

US would have won, if they had been captained by this instead: