Late British Open Prediction

With Tiger amazingly missing the cut and our all time favourite David Duval also playing like a dog and earning an early flight home, to say this years Open is a disappointment is the understatement of the year.

Just look at the leader board for pete’s sake.

Lee Westwood.

Matthew Goggin.

Tom Watson.


Obviously I haven’t really followed the Open closely since Mr Woods decided to travel half way round the world for zero winnings. Face it, golf is a real boring sport to watch. And here’s a 59 year old dude, who’s the same age as my dad, plugging his way around the course, possibly earning in the last 10 years as much as Tiger’s car washer gets as tips.

Incredible. How can you not support a 59 year old geezer to win the Open??

Go, TW!


Hi, this is not really a post, but there was someone who sms-ed me a couple of weeks back regarding some stuff on sale.

Unfortunately (unbelievably, my phone crashed–dont buy blackberry!!) and I lost all my data + sms etc. Small chance if you’re reading this again (after being pissed off with my no response), sms me again and I’ll send over the pics.

To other gilagolfers, can’t wait for the British Open!!! Go DUVAL!!!