Glenmarie GCC – Valley


Glenmarie. We never thought Gilagolf would ever step into the sacred grounds of the top 3 golf courses around the Subang/Shah Alam territory: KGNS, KGSAAS and Glenmarie. But we were finally able to weasel our way into all of them, and here’s a good look at Glenmarie Golf Club, and two of her fabled 18: The Valley and The Gardens.

We’ll take a look at the more famed one, The Valley.

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Travel (4/5)

Travel is a snap. As with all courses around this area, you wouldn’t get lost even if you had 10 shots of JDs and someone pumped you full of valium. The only problem here is the jam. Subang area is notorious for jams. I mean, have you ever tried accessing subang via Federal Highway in peak hours? It’s ridiculous. You can finish watching Avatar and still not reach home. I don’t know how the Subang fellas do it. Having been through a few of it myself, I am already seeking therapy for suicidal tendencies.

Anyways, for Glenmarie, thankfully, you can access via the NKVE. Turnoff at Subang and head straight, keeping right. What you need to do is to make a U-turn right at the bottom of the road and come back up the other side.  Keep left and turn the first turning to the left. Then follow the road signs to lead you to Holiday Inn/Glenmarie Golf. You won’t miss it. Turn right at the traffic light and go all the way in, pass the hotel and you’ll arrive at Glenmarie Golf Club.

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Price ( 1/5)

The price is always a giveaway for what is to come. If we pay through our nostrils, the experience better be darn good. If you’re going to charge premium, hey, play premium, and don’t play a course that turns out to be like any other course.

And for Glenmarie – Valley, here’s the cruncher: RM181 for weekday for special discount rate. Because we were organizing a tournament there, my company was given that discount to play a practice round. OK. So what the he** is the discount here? What’s the normal pricing, if already we’re down RM181??

And later on, we’ll explore, is this worth it? For now, let’s just say, I rather spend that RM181 on taking my dog for his rabies injection and buying really expensive Danish Dog Cookies for him.

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First thoughts

Glenmarie, you have to give them, has a pretty impressive clubhouse. Everything looks very professional, very well done, well organized. They have their trademark blue roof club house, a huge drive way, and the car park nearby.

Of the two 18s in Glenmarie, the Valley is generally considered the more difficult one, and considered the ‘championship’ material. I don’t know who put that in the brochure, but that’s the generally accepted theme. The course gives what Jawi gave, a general feeling of expanses, which to its credit, Glenmarie exploits very well, in terms of hole design and general aesthetics. It’s not to say we like it, but these are first thoughts anyway. Until….

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Service (-1/5)

It’s official. Glenmarie Service SUCKS. You’d think a hotel-resort course would have top class people handling their service, but here it is:

1)      Dumping us into a different course

Having already booked and CONFIRMED an 8 am flight in Gardens, we were unceremoniously dumped into the Valley course by the reception, because there is a monthly tournament going on in the Garden. Ok, thanks. Now why on Jack Sparrow’s beard did you agree that we could use the Garden on that day, and confirmed it the day before??? Why would I want to practice on the Valley when our tournament is in the Gardens? The reception said, yeah, the Garden is easier but Valley is more challenging. My response to him was, yes, and we all look like sadistic idiots bent on abusing our own self esteem by seeking tougher golf challenges. Bring it on!As it is, we can’t even hit the darn ball straight! The point is, we booked Gardens, we play Gardens! And stop trying to convince us otherwise! It’s like we booked a flight to the Bahamas and they send us to the Amazon instead, saying it’s more challenging. The point is, we are packed for Bahamas, not bloody Amazon.


2)      No credit card machine

Ok, only for that day.  They did not accept credit cards, so they insisted on cash. Um, yeah, I carry wads of cash around me all the time, right? Wrong. They claimed the credit card machine was kaput. Do you know how inconvenient it is to get flight members to pitch in and pay in cash? Don’t they know that golfers only carry limited cash with them, so when they lose a bet, they can say, “Aiyo, no money lah”. So I had to pool money from the group, and two of them being customers. Thanks, Glenmarie, for embarrassing me in front of my customers. The least you could do, was to give some more discounts. Because of the broken machine, there was a long wait as well.

3)      Stupid Caddies

We absolutely, vehemently detest caddies that are forced on us (like in Jawi) and doesn’t even know what the green speed is. We got two of the dumbest caddies in the world. One was so grumpy that I was half afraid she would revert back to her cannibal instincts and bite off our ears for losing so many balls. One even had the gall to scold us, when we plopped an extra ball in one of the holes to practice pitching. Nobody was behind us then, so we weren’t holding up. Sure, she might have a point. Sure, it might be illegal. But, um, you are a caddy. Shut the heck up.

If I wanted someone to admonish me, I can get my mom to do it, not some strange looking person dressed in multi colored clown suit, whose primary job is to point out yardage, green details and hang on at the back of our buggies for dear life. One of them refused to take my putter for me when I putted out, instead, insisting the other caddy do it. And they even passed us wrong clubs in several instances, and give wrong breaks on greens. In fact I’m so pissed with them now, I’m reducing service to -1. This is the pinnacle of humiliation, for a so-called top rated golf club to have a -1 service, which is equivalent to the experience of having living cockroaches stuffed into your lunch sandwich.

Glenmarie Golf….your service and your caddies suck. Please improve or stop charging and pretending you are a good golf club.

Because of point 1), I didn’t bring my normal GilaCam, and had to take pictures using my Blackberry. This is because I’ve already taken pictures in the Gardens, and since we were supposed to play in the Gardens to today, I didn’t see the point of it. I didn’t expect the extreme stupidity of Glenmarie to send us to the Amazon when we booked for the Bahamas.

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Fairways (2 /5)

So after struggling through the reception, we finally trudged onto the first tee of the valley and…was pleasantly surprise. It was a very inviting tee shot, but I promptly pushed one way right. The first experience with the useless caddy was here, where they didn’t mention there was OB on the right, thinking that we wouldn’t be hitting there. Um, welcome to my world, where balls will fly to where they are not supposed to. I managed to recover for a double, but it set the tone for the day.

The fairways, surprisingly, was not as good as the Gardens. It might be due to the downpour the day before, but there was a general lack of maintenance, as was witnessed by bare or sandy patches, along with tyre marks of probably grass cutters and so on. But the grass was just not compact together, like the ones in Tropicana or Jawi. Glenmarie needs to understand: if you are going to charge an arm and leg for your green fees, your fairways better feel better than my Kingkoil bed. Because if it’s anything short, you are going to get relegated into the dreaded Waste of Time and Money Category. What a douchebag of a course.

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Greens ( 3/5)

The greens are slightly better, but again, compared to the Gardens, it’s strangely sandier and less consistent. I don’t know why. I thought The Valley is supposed to be the better course, but it’s turning into some kind of nonsensical journey for Gilagolf, because the course is playing more like Kinrara, pretending to be a Tropicana. Most of the greens was a little sandy, some fast, some slower and there was just a nightmare figuring out the speed. The contours of the greens were also very challenging, which is why we are bumping it up to 3 (we like sadistic greens, for some reason), and large, so a regulation on might actually result in a three-putt, or in one case, a four-putt and a scream of anguish.

IMG00392-20100716-1152.jpg picture by gilagolf

Rough ( 3/5)

Take it here from Gilagolf. You will spend most of your waking hour in The Valley in the bunker. There are a total of 1,156 bunkers on the green (this is not verified, we just need an independent auditor to go and count it). The entire course is literally littered with bunkers. I think I’ve hit more than 10 bunkers (fairway and greenside) on my way to an explosive score of 101. This would make an interesting challenge, except the bunkers behave differently. Some are hard packed, some are not so. Some sand is wet, others dry on top, wet under. And so on. And it’s not like we’re even good at getting out of bunkers. We suck at it. And yes, it’s Glenmarie’s fault that we play like drunk gerbils high on methanol.

IMG00397-20100716-1310.jpg picture by gilagolf

The normal rough is ok, there’s no penalty like Saujana rough, and in this sense, we are reminded that Glenmarie is a resort course, like Bangi, only 3x more expensive.

Aesthetics (3/5)

Due to the contours of the Valley, you will see a lot of blind holes. One, this means, the caddy comes in play. And with the completely useless twits we had for caddies, we were in for a long day. More than one hole, they were completely lost, and we had to search for the balls on our own…and found them too. So on the tee box, you see…just the fairway and that’s it. It opens up from the fairway to greens along the rolling terrain, so in some instances, like the 18th, it does gives quite a magnificent snapshot of the course, and why it’s called the Valley. Instead, if you look at it, you might think you were playing in Seremban 3 course, the course we have banished into the darkness of Gilagolf course infamy. Is the Valley pretty? It’s ok. It’s not spectacular, but it does gives some interesting vistas of the course. But everything is with a pricetag. I wouldn’t pay RM30 for a nasi lemak that tastes like a RM5 nasi lemak you know. Same thing. We can go Seremban 3, Bukit Jawi or even KGPA and be treated to similar visuals.

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Fun Factor (1 /5)

Thanks to the service we were getting from the grumpy caddies, we didn’t really have a lot of fun at all. And we were a naturally fun group, you know. But one of my guys were seething when he asked for a 3 wood and the caddy gave a 5 wood. He walked halfway and found it to be wrong and had to wait again for the caddy to change. Another instance was when I hit a ball off the green and needed my 60 degree. I had to wait there for close to 5 minutes before she came with the right club for me. And to think we are paying for these clowns.

IMG00388-20100716-1039.jpg picture by gilagolf

Also, the Valley is darn difficult. It’s a complete opposite from the Gardens. And I supposed, I’d like to say mentally we weren’t prepared for the Valley at all. While the gardens was generally benign, like Bangi, the Valley played like bloody Seremban 3 or something. The shift in difficulty was something we didn’t do too well with, as can be testified with our escalating scores to the hundreds. We’re not complaining based on that only of course, but hey, a Gilagolf review is very emotional based, and we don’t have a lot of data to back up our nonsensical reviews.

Granted, there was a bit of fun, when a birdie was dropped by one of the guys, but the overall experience wasn’t great, and at the end of the game, we were just waiting to knock off and go for lunch. Always a bad sign for a course.

IMG00387-20100716-1031.jpg picture by gilagolf


So is Glenmarie recommended? The Valley is not. And we might piss off some Glenmarie stalwarths here who live and die by the Valley, but by charging us a ‘discounted’ rate of RM181 per person, and having the type of service so unusually poor that I can get better service from the dodgy DVD seller on the street, the tone is set for this course. The golfing experience is mediocre, the aesthetics is so-so, but the overall package is just something we will not recommend unless you are the type that enjoys suffering slowly in the bubonic plague.

IMG00394-20100716-1247.jpg picture by gilagolf

The good: The travel is definitely an easy one, if you can survive the jam; the amount of bunkers definitely gives a different challenge; the contoured greens are nice and varied.

The bad: The customer service is atrocious; the caddies are as knowledgeable as the piece of loose gravel in the buggy track; the price doesn’t justify the course experience; the mediocre course just can’t cut it in an area where KGSAAS, Tropicana and Saujana ply their trade.

The skinny: 16 of 40 divots (40%). Congratulations, Glenmarie Valley for becoming the latest, most high profile course to be awarded the WOTM award. You will probably have better service as a POW in a WWII concentration camp. Take your moolahs and use it elsewhere. Glenmarie Valley is to be avoided.

Bukit Jawi Golf Resort (Lake)


Ah, Penang, the Pearl of the Orient. Where  Pulau Tikus, Fettes Park, McAllister Road, Gurney, New Lane, Green Lane occurs. Who in their right mind will not adopt Penang as their second home if they are not already from there? Penang has always been a favourite destination for food lovers, and is generally considered the greatest island ever created by God, more famous than the isle of Elba, Patmos and Shutter put together.

What about Golf? Of course, you have the Jack Nicklaus built Bukit Jambul near Bayan Lepas, the airport. Then the lesser known Penang Airport. And going back to mainland, across the bridge, we have this course called Bukit Jawi.

Some gilagolfers found ourselves in Penang for food and sun over four days and decided to drop by Jawi for a visit.

IMG_1242.jpg picture by gilagolf

Travel (2/5)

This is quickly becoming pretty obsolete. Now with half the world population on Iphone and the other on Blackberry and the rest with the other loser phone companies (I mean serious, anyone still using Panasonic?), GPS and google maps have created a new generation of golfers who will quickly skip over this part of the review, assuming that there are any generation reading this anyway.

But like an old itch, this section cannot go away, so here’s the deal with Jawi.


Don’t you just love B-grade maps drawn by 10-year old primary school dropouts?  I think the map speaks for itself. Anyway, like that idiotic Staffield course that also employs some endangered orang-utans to draw their maps, Jawi map is also pretty misleading. It’s not so bad actually, but we did get turned around using google maps because there has been some road changes there. Plus, the road to Jawi isn’t so short as the map suggests. It’s quite deep inside. We wanted to give it a 3, but the driver of our group got so flustered at the stupid road changes, we decided to lower it. I know, it’s unreasonable but who cares, this section is probably skipped anyway and nobody is reading this part.

IMG_1250.jpg picture by gilagolf

Price (2/5)

We used the Top Premier voucher and still had to fork out about RM150 on a weekday plus caddy and no food. Listen, golf courses, forcing players to have caddies when they don’t want is tantamount to a violation of our human rights. Why would four shockingly handsome men like us want anything to do with 2 women who don’t speak English, dressed up like colourful clowns and one of them looking like she had been secretly snacking between meals and totally unable to find my balls (golf balls) or even bother to give me a good read on the greens?

We don’t like courses that force caddies on us. Plus, as a Rahman Putra member, I was an associate club, so I’m almost like a club member. What’s the deal? And not just one, TWO of these!!

Price-wise, it’s expensive. Bukit Jawi isn’t exactly the premier sounding course of Malaysia, and it’s not like there are a whole lot of people bothering to come out of Penang to play there anyway…so why not just drop the darn price??!

IMG_1239.jpg picture by gilagolf

First thoughts

Bukit Jawi actually looked pretty good. We played on the Lake Course, and once the nightmare of the registration was over with (see below) we were left with a very picturesque view of the course, including the incoming holes of 18th, where the lakes were then glistening in the sunshine. It can make anyone forgive anything. It looked pretty, but does it play well? Or will it be like Damai Laut, where it had so much promise but completely failed to deliver the tremendously and unreasonable high standards that Gilagolfers have come to expect?

IMG_1227.jpg picture by gilagolf

Service (0/5)

So much for northern hospitality. Here’s our experience.

Happily we arrived alive at Bukit Jawi, ready to play some golf. One of my pals started the registration process while we got all the buggies ready. And  waited. And waited. As my beard started to grow, I finally stepped out and at the registration found my friend absolutely livid. A young guy was at the registration frantically typing on the keys. I think he was new, because I suspected he kept pressing the spacebar and pretended he was typing some stuff when he wasn’t.

Anyway, finally a supervisor saunters in and again proceeded to type stuff on the computer. It’s like they were writing a thesis. I mean, just put four names and print the darn thing woman!

System problem, apparently. That’s normal, ok, I admit. But here’s the shocker. The supervisor looked at the time and said she had to go for lunch. WHAT THE %#^*??! While customers are waiting, SHE HAD TO GO FOR LUNCH. Thankfully there was a glass panel between us, because my friend had nearly wanted to physically assault her and pull her head through the tiny round hole in the glass panel and drive a rusted seven iron into her ears.

Bukit Jawi, you are STUPID. That’s all that’s left to say about your service. I am not even going to go into the completely useless caddies they have.

Through some miracle, we finally got through the registration nightmare and started playing some golf.

IMG_1226.jpg picture by gilagolf

Fairways (4/5)

For what Bukit Jawi lacked in common sense of the staff and capabilities of caddy and the inability to ignore lunch when faced with a customer problem; it made up for it’s golf course. It makes sense. Spend 99% of the budget in golf course maintenance and beautification and about RM29.90 per year to pay staff, because I think that would be roughly how much they are worth. Before EPF. Before Tax. Oh wait, nobody taxes on a RM29.90 per year pay.

The fairways were in excellent condition. Especially since our game was interrupted by a thunderstorm for about 45 minutes. When we got out, we still had a great course and by the time I was hitting my last chip of the day on the fairway 30 meters from the green, the fairway was in a perfect carpet-like mode. Until I chunked 20 inches of turf out and proceeded to play my last hole like a tapir on marijuana.

IMG_1203.jpg picture by gilagolf


Greens were in great condition. Or perhaps my putting finally came in order. I’ve been putting like a duck for the past couple of weeks, but for some reason, I always seem to play slightly better in outstation courses. Perhaps because my money mindedness reminded me that I’ve paid so much to travel so far, that I better been playing some non-humiliating golf.

Greens were slightly undulating and large, but the roll was there and although 4 is a generous number to give, I’ll do it, as it more than made up for Jawi’s pathetic service. By the way, the caddy will be of no use to you.  She’s a free loader, most of their advice only serves to help confuse the Russian out of me.

IMG_1234.jpg picture by gilagolf

Rough (3/5)

No complaints for the rough either. Before the rain, the sand was in great condition. I didn’t spend a lot of time in it, but my friend did. On the signature hole 15th for instance , a total of 4 bunkers surround the island green, and he managed to play in ALL of them. I have never seen it before, he hit from one bunker to the next until he played all and finally ended on the green.

The rough wasn’t really tough, unless you hit it so off line that you end up at the back of a palm tree. However most of Bukit Jawi plays pretty broad and you just get a feeling of expansiveness in the course.

IMG_1222.jpg picture by gilagolf

Aesthetics (4/5)

Very Nice. Some courses, like Ayer Keroh or Seri Selangor, gives a feeling of claustrophobia to a golfer. Each hole there is like self contained experience, in Ayer Keroh’s case, something challenging to every hacker; in Seri Selangor’s case, creating an experience as fun as Chinese Water Torture. But it’s preference, and for most of the gilagolfers I play with, we prefer to have a vast vista of the course around us, to experience the full joy of the created golf course and the sacrifice of thousands of trees, some extinct, never to be heard of again on this planet. This meant elevation, and Bukit Jawi has plenty of it.

IMG_1217.jpg picture by gilagolf

I suppose this is why it’s called Bukit Jawi, since Bukit is ‘hill’ in Malay.  For instance the awesome hole 15th was something we all enjoyed, with the tee off plunging down into the semi island green. The par 4 14th is also another beauty, with the ravaging lake on the left and a thin strip of fairway to drive to. We all got eaten up on the 18th, requiring a good drive to cross the lake and an equally good second to climb to the green.

The par four 5th is probably one of the best and most exciting holes on the course. It’s a straight L dogleft right, covered by forests on all side. If we are brave enough, we can tackle the one-on by driving over the forests, which one of us tried…and failed. But it’s definitely possible. And the elevation changes in this hole is so great your ears can pop just walking down the fairway. Very enjoyable hole, this.

IMG_1235.jpg picture by gilagolf

Wildlife here is also extremely interesting, with monitor lizards the size of alligators crawling up and down the fairway in pairs and family.

IMG_1248.jpg picture by gilagolf

Fun Factor (4/5)

Par four 5th, as mentioned is very fun to play. The 15th is beautiful, and requires several playing of it. And I had a birdie to go as well, because the green was very well maintained and the fairway was excellent as far as I can see.

This is definitely a course that we will have fun with, even with the rain threatening to wash us out, but because of the view and the largeness of space, it’s a very enjoyable experience, to just stand on one of the elevated tees and let it fly.

If not for the stupid service, which we have almost all but forgotten, this would have been a perfect score.

IMG_1231.jpg picture by gilagolf


Bukit Jawi is a scenic course. Simply because of it’s wideness. You can see a lot from the elevation and almost every hole is visible. Some like it this way, some like the isolation of other courses that’s constipated like Seri Selangor. It’s a pity they don’t have good service though. It would have been absolutely stunning if they had just trained a couple of chimps to register for us instead, I think this would have been bumped into the higher category of Must Play.

IMG_1244.jpg picture by gilagolf

The good: Great layout; course condition is very impressive; elevation and expansiveness of the course is a great turn-on; greens well maintained; passes the thunderstorm test with flying colours.

The bad: Service, service, service-pathetic registration process and violation of human rights by putting two women on four outstandingly gorgeous men; pricing is still steep for second tiered course; drive there might be a challenge as roads will randomly appear and disappear depending on seasons, like some sort of magical wonderland.

The skinny: 23 of 40 divots (57.5%). We recommend Bukit Jawi for the experience of playing. If you like service, trust me, the kueh teow seller in Pulau Tikus is a million times better service-oriented than this pathetic lot.

Bukit Jawi Lake Scorecard


Bukit Jawi Information

Address:Lot 414, Mukim 6, Jalan Paya Kemian Sempayi
14200 Sungai Jawi
Seberang Prai Selatan
Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA

Contact: +604 – 582 0759 Ext. 636
+6012 – 495 6685

Fax: +604-582 2613


World Cup Break

Muchos Apologies to Gilagolfers, have been critically lazy and watching too much football lately. But active on the golf course, got Bukit Jawi, Kulim, Glenmarie Garden and Glenmarie Valley coming up!

Stay Tuned!