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Ramadan Golf Promotions 2015 in Malaysia

I noticed I got a lot of hits the past few weeks on a post on Ramadan golf promotions I did way back in 2011. I feel it’s a bit unfair to draw traffic to my site through an old … Continue reading

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Rasa Sayang Pitch and Putt

Introduction One of the advantages of playing golf is that generally, wherever you go, you can find some sort of random course for you to hack in, which makes for some great time wasting opportunities especially when you are on … Continue reading

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Sungai Long Golf and Country Club

Introduction There are two golf courses in peninsular Malaysia designed by Jack Nicklaus – Sungai Long and Legends in Johor. In the East, there is Borneo Golf and Country – but as it is, Gilagolf has never hacked in the … Continue reading

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Navigating Seri Selangor

Seri Selangor has consistently bedevilled me despite playing there a thousand times. I have only broken 90 once there, and my average there generally hovers around the high 90s, with occasional explosions into the 100s. This year, I played it … Continue reading

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This is why I cheat

In an earlier post, I still concede I don’t play a 100% honest golf. This is the reason. In most cases, when my ball is nestled in the rough around tree roots or rocky ground, I’ll pick it up and … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods Memorial 2015 Round 3 Highlights

For those interested in how bad Tiger played, the final hole was this: a) Pulled 3 wood into river  – Stroke 1 b) Drop and hit to front of green – Stroke 3 c) Duffed chip hit false front and … Continue reading

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I beat Tiger Woods this week

    Before anybody says anything, do note I am a super die hard Tiger Woods fan and believe that without him, golf will still be played by white guys who are all 40 years old and above and drives … Continue reading

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Gilalogy: Slope and Course Rating

One of the questions I had when I was starting golf was: what the hell are course and slope ratings that keep appearing in the scorecard that’s supposed to mean something? Of course with the advent of the internet, everyone … Continue reading

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Royal Perak Golf Club

Introduction I chanced upon this golf course by accident. I was on the way to play at Clearwater Sanctuary during my short trip to Ipoh, but it was already around 3.30 pm (we had a long lunch…it’s IPOH, how can … Continue reading

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