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Dear Tiger

Dear Tiger, Thank you. After your ridiculous fall from grace, we continued supporting you. When your stock was as low as Enron, we supported you. When women after women came and said you were their kid’s father, even if the … Continue reading

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Seri Selangor gets a Gilagolf ‘Meh’

I’ve invented a new category, called ‘Meh’. It’s an actual word, as you can find it in a wiki here: Meh here, means you know what, we’ll probably play it again, but even if we don’t and the course … Continue reading

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Sleepless in KL

The problem with supporting two sports is this: you don’t get any sleep. The first and second week of April consist of these two: Champions League football and Augusta National. Champions League football I have not watched, I think since … Continue reading

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Kinrara gets a Major Gila THUMBS DOWN!

Note to all Gilagolfers, Sadly, the time of Kinrara being a haven for hackers is over. We used to be able to play there for around RM70 ish before. Now, it’s priced at RM95 per person. That’s not the worst … Continue reading

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Will Rory Flunk again?

So, tomorrow begins the big Doral matchup. Rory, Tiger, Luke. To say they are like Novak, Roger and Rafa is a stretch, since aside from Tiger, Rory and Luke hasn’t dominated in their play for a long period. But all … Continue reading

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Rory vs David Duval

An interesting following up to the post yesterday: apparently, one of our favourite hacker of all time, David Duval had taken up tweeting about Rory’s lame ass excuse and simply gave what I already wrote the same spin…however, to the … Continue reading

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The Fall of Rory McIlroy

I know. We don’t kick someone when they are already knocked down. Neither do we write proper journalism or report when other websites and blogs do a better job at that. But come on, Rory. You were our golden boy … Continue reading

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