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Stats So Far

Well, February has concluded and it’s probably a good time to see how things are going in the golf game. Overall, I’ve been reasonably OK – my drives has returned, but my iron shots are still crappy (partly due to … Continue reading

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Hacker Guide To Breaking 90

  It seems easy for some golfers, but somehow after hacking this game for what seemed like an eternity (it has only been 11 years), I am still struggling to break 90 regularly. Of all the games I’ve played this … Continue reading

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The End of Golf Entertainment

Over the years, we’ve been graced with the presence of amazing golf from not just Tiger Woods, but a host of other golf celebrities coming down the funnel that has been opened up by the man himself. Unfortunately, we are … Continue reading

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The Big Miss

Since I’ve resolved to add a post every week, there will be times I have absolutely nothing to write about except nonsense. A few weeks back I played in KGNS – a note: they have closed down one of the … Continue reading

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So…what the heck are glutes?

OK, I can bet my final dollar that this week, the word ‘glutes’ have been searched on google more times than the combination at all points of history since the internet began. Because, Tiger withdrew from Torrey Pines tournament, saying, … Continue reading

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Weighing in on Tiger

You know that this is coming. Of all the biggest fan of Tiger’s, Gilagolf is the biggest. I mean if it wasn’t for this guy, I wouldn’t even have picked up the club 12 years ago and started my lifelong … Continue reading

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