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Gilasale page updated

While every golferĀ is pretty much watching how USA is getting thrashed by the Europeans in Ryder Cup, I took the time to take an inventory of the stuff I still have. I have a couple of putters, a few more … Continue reading

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The Cursed Swing

Ask any golfer, which of these would be his/her nightmare shot: a) Top b) Duff c) Whiff d) Shank e) Missed One Foot putt Now with the exception of e), where you will probably proceed to jump down the nearest … Continue reading

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Her – Scarlett Johansson

If you were to find yourself with a free afternoon, and with a thunderstorm pouring down (after all, if you had a free afternoon, why aren’t you playing golf?), you might want to take some time to watch one of … Continue reading

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What so Great about Golf Anyway?

I was talking to an acquaintance recently and he was selling some stuff, which included his golf bag and clubs. As we were talking, he suddenly blurted out, “What so great about Golf anyway? Sorry, (he apologises to me, knowing … Continue reading

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