The Wizard of OZ

I just want to be the first to put up this headline because there will be hundreds who want to put this up. Remember, Gilagolf did it first, approximately 1 minute 20 seconds after Adam Scott holed his putt on the second playoff hole to beat Dr Octopus aka Angel Crabera.

The Wizard of OZ wins the masters, and makes it the first time for Australia. And yes, he high fives Steve Williams way better than Mr Tiger Woods.

If Dr Octopus had won it, my other headline would be: “Touched by an Angel.”

I should take up a career in headline writing.

Gilagolf Prediction Engine for Masters 2013


It was pre-mature to crown Tiger Woods for his Augusta major this year. But who’d have thought this sequence would occur:

1. Hit a perfect shot on a par 5 15th, his 3rd shot.
2. So well that it hit the flag and rebounded into the water. (??)
3. Angry so he drops the ball, 2 yards back from where he hit his 3rd.
4. 2 yards. Back.
5. Hit a perfect shot, but later got penalized for a wrong drop.
6. Hard to contend with absolute nutters who say he should DQ himself. I hear a lot of stupid remarks in my life, but golfers really take the cake for stupidity. This isn’t honesty people. This is stupidity. This is like John Terry who fouled Luis Suarez in the penalty box, and then forces the ref to give Luis Suarez the penalty and then gives himself the red card and send himself off. Why are golfers, especially those who stay up late and watch the Masters and blog about it, so absolutely DUMB? Aiyoh.

Anyway, from a birdie shoo-in, he got a bogey, and then compounded with another +2, that turns it to triple bogey. So we had a 4 stroke swing there. That changed everything. That cost him the tournament. Which begs the question to Tiger: You have played in Augusta freaking 19 times. How the heck did you drop that wrongly??

So who is left?

Tiger is stuck at -4. He would have been the co-leader if he had not lost 4 strokes on that 15th. Fine. Our prediction engine works. It just doesn’t take into account balls hitting the flag and crazy viewers complaining that Tiger wrongly dropped his ball. Bubba Watson is right. These guys who complain needs to get a LIFE.

First is Angel Cabrera aka Dr Octopus. Is he going to win? He won it before. But he is WILD. He’s like a WILD buffalo in the plains of western Ohio. When pressure hits him especially the back 9, he’s going to choke, because his swing just can’t hold up. He won a few years back thanks to that Perry guy choking and losing a 2 stroke lead with 2 holes to play.

Chasing him are 3 Australians, looking to be the first Australians winning the Masters. This might be the year, after the nightmare that Greg Norman endured, it took decades for Australians to find their belief again. Anyways. Day, Scott and Leishman. Adam Scott I don’t think so, after what he endured in the British Open. Too many demons. Leishman we don’t think so as well, because he’s a nobody. Augusta gods generally don’t like first timers who hasn’t put their numbers yet, unlike the PGA championship gods, also known as the major with the biggest amount of nobodies as winners.

There’s a guy called Brandt Snedeker also in the mix. But we already said, as long as he doesn’t cut his hair, he ain’t gonna win it.

So that leaves Jason Day, who looks half Asian, and who we will be predicting to be Augusta champion. The first Australian to do so!

Oh by the way, Bubba Watson, our Masters champion made the cut. But he shot a +10 on the par 3 12th, the famous Amen Corner par 3. That is a sextuple bogey. That’s humiliating Bubba. But wait, he’s not the only one. There’s our all time favourite hacker, Kevin Na, the king of high scores and the most likely person that should not be playing on the PGA tour due to the embarassment he has endured as a pro through his career. I hate to hit an Asian brother when he’s down but…..WHY IS KEVIN NA A PRO WHEN HE PLAYS LIKE CRAP???!?! Kevin Na also shot a 10 but that’s nothing compared to his duodecuple bogey a few years back, a +12 over. So this guy is really used to playing lousy golf and an inspiration for hackers all over the world, that you could actually play crap golf and play at the top level! NA!!!!

The Masters Begin

It’s 5 a.m here and I’m up.

Despite the fact that workload has piled up and that I have to work over weekend. Despite the fact that my wife is away and I am handling my 10 month old son on my own for a week. Despite the fact that I am still recovering from watching the most hideous horror show the day before called Juventus vs Bayern Munich where my favourite team played like a bunch of lizards soaked in vodka.

Now it’s 5:30 and I just managed to get my little one to sleep after waking up for the 45th time tonight.

But this is Augusta.

Of all the 4 majors of golf, the first major is probably the most coveted, and the most watched major of all time.

There are several story lines here. Rory McIlroy came off number 2 last week at the texas open. Will he win? Don’t think so. Although his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki looks hot in the all white caddy outfit during the par 3 contest. And she duffs it like us. So cute.

Tianlang Guan (I think that’s Guan Tian Lang)is hovering around the cut at +4 now although he started day 1 well, but he was penalised +1 for slow play by a guy called John Paramor. He’s a 14 year old from China with the possibility to make the cut, John. Now WTH would you penalise a 14 year old from China who could probably make history in modern major? I say modern, meaning there was a guy younger than Guan called Young (apparently there was an old) Tom Morris in 1865 who played in the Open who was younger. Back then, the average age of the field was 18 years old and the population of the world was around 1,239. The number of people Tom Morris competed with was 8, in addition to the resident porcupine. In Augusta, by far, this chinaboy is the youngest. Now, John Paramor can make the headlines by cutting history from the field with the spirit of golf rules, also called retarded anal, and borderline racist rule. We’ll see.

And Bubba Watson, the returning Augusta champion is now +5 and looking very likely to miss the cut. It’s the worst to miss the cut when you are a defending champion in Augusta because you have to stay for the next 2 days to wait for the ceremony where you put on the green jacket for the champion. So, you miss the cut, make $0, endure the humiliation of hanging around Augusta or walking with the gallery and with the knowledge that your hook shot last year to win was an absolute fluke, and getting ribbed by the real champions that your ass just got pwned by a 14 year old from China. Bubba’s already fragile mental state is going down the crap and he’ll end up like Michael Campbell and miss the next 87 cuts of his life. He cried during the pre tournament game, showing his absolute lack of control. After today’s game, apparently he curled up in the 18th hole bunker and bawled like a baby, until John Paramor had to assess him as Unfit for Champion penalty.

And finally there is Tiger. He just saved par on the treacherous 11th as I typed this and now approach the par 5 12th with a vengeance. He is tied for the lead. And unlike last year where he was prone to self destruction, he seems pretty in control and has two Aussies (Day and Leishman) and a octogenarian (Fred Couples) for company. If Tiger gets paired with Freddy on the 3rd day, look for him to move up. He plays well with Fred Couples because Fred Couples is so easy going, it looks like he’s about to stroll off for a smoke any minute. Tiger will absolutely kill the course on 3rd day and for the final day, he’ll make a few mistakes but end up winning. Trust me, Gilagolf sees it.