Rory vs David Duval

An interesting following up to the post yesterday: apparently, one of our favourite hacker of all time, David Duval had taken up tweeting about Rory’s lame ass excuse and simply gave what I already wrote the same spin…however, to the 17,000 followers he has, as opposed to the 12 I currently have. And that includes both my dead dogs.

Before we start, let’s just say David Duval knows this subject really well. The greatest in the world, reduced to nothing. It’s like watching Bane break Batman’s back over and over and over and over…and in David’s case, over again. He is the epitome of the Great Failure. And yet, through all the 85s, the 90s, the lost balls, the hooks, the embarrassing duffs and missed tap ins…the former world number 1 never quit. He took all the embarrassment and he summed it up in one sentence, transcending every single wisdom there was in golf:

“Bad days and bad scores are part of golf. Don’t tee off if your ego can’t take it.”

Obvious reference to Rory the Quitter. David was pretty candid and it’s very interesting how he tweeted about it, because this is a guy who was King once, like Rory, but collapsed so spectacularly that they have written his story down for Paranormal Activity 5.

His tweets are as follows, with true translation based on our understanding of Duval’s cryptic language:

“Always keep fighting and trying.” – “Please, Rory, stop bitching like a girl and play the damn game, you stupid, spoilt little twit!”

“You never know who came to watch you play that day. How far they drove or from where they flew. That’s part of why I never quit.” – “Rory, you are a piece of trash. Garbage. People like me would pay millions to be able to hit the ball like you. I never quit, except when I was injured, sick, tired, fat, lazy, sleepy or have to take my kids up from school, or chillax with my wife at the movies. You useless, toothless Quitter.”

“Illness or injury are the only reasons not to finish your round. As a pro you should always post your score. It’s your responsibility.” – “Toothache is an excuse 6 year old kids give when they want to skip school. You just got paid USD78 million to play the game, you Irish Imbecile. And yes, I want to see your pathetic score, then at least, I know I could have beaten you, for the first time in my entire life. Give me your DAMN score!!!”

“Bad days and bad scores are part of golf. Don’t tee off if your ego can’t take it.” – “Egoistical Imbecile.”

“I am not in any way digging on Rory. Please don’t take it that way. I believe he would finish if he could.” – “I got a call from Nike saying they are going to pull away my USD738 per year sponsorship deal if I don’t post this up. Utter bullshit.”

Ah, David, we love you so much. Keep hacking and please, for goodness sake, give us something to cheer about this year!

The Fall of Rory McIlroy

Maybe that's where Rory McIlroy should have left his Nike clubs. (Getty Images)

I know. We don’t kick someone when they are already knocked down. Neither do we write proper journalism or report when other websites and blogs do a better job at that.

But come on, Rory. You were our golden boy before you became the world’s golden boy. You were the great inspiration after suffering from a mental breakdown in Augusta, and then went on to win the US Open and PGA Championship. You became World Number One, ironically at last year’s Honda Classic, the very same event that yesterday, you QUIT. Frankly, we think the World Number One title was the first mistake you made. You’re not ready for it. Secondly, your relationship with that tennis girl, Carol Wozniaki. I mean, I get it. She’s hot. But it ain’t gonna work, because you guys travel so much, and her thighs are larger than yours, and she likely benches heavier than you.

I think we've all been here. (Getty Images)

Anyway, we know you are a hack. You’ve proven that even when you are capable of some ridiculously great golf, you are still a hacker. The way you play is streaky, like us. Your mental strength is as strong as a squid’s backbone, your swing, at its worst, resembles a python wrapping around a tapir. That’s giving birth.

But today, you are no longer one of us. You cannot even be lumped with the 832 million registered hackers around the world. Because you broke our one code of conduct.


Quitting is one of the WORST action a hacker can have. Why? Because in every round we play, things usually get SO bad, that quitting crosses our mind invariably. Invariably. When we hook our 10th ball OB. When we duff our bloody chip again. When we miss that 2 footer, for the 7th time, to settle for our quadrumulticle (+43) bogey. Don’t you think we have that thought as well, Rory? Don’t you think we are humans as well, with vestige of pride, especially when we observe the course resident monkeys cackling at us, and possibly, playing better than us? Don’t you think on the sixth hole of almost every game,we want to walk off because our game sucked so bad that even the python and tapir analogy does not begin to describe our retarded swings??!

But we don’t. Quit. That’s the law. No matter how badly we struggle, we keep at it, we continue on, we soldier on, because all around the world, millions of similarly skilled golfers are doing the same. There is fellowship in the fraternity of suffering. It shows we are martyrs for golf. Even when we are down in every game and we know our flight mates are laughing at us, and taking our lunch money.That’s the price we pay. That’s the measure of manhood in golf. We never say die.

Now, I know your skills are possibly better than ours. But this applies to you as well. The moment you desecrate this law, you fall lower than the lowest scum in golf. You become John Daly’s only peer in the Scum category.

And your excuse? We’ll pretend we didn’t hear that. It’s pathetic. It makes you look like a crybaby. And we all know it’s a lie. It’s a flat out lie. You should have just manned up and continued with the truth: That you sucked, you were humiliated, you are the world Number one but play like an idiot, you made a mistake by making a stupid decision to quit. Take the fine or ban and move on. At least, even John Daly never lied about his reason to quit. He honestly says he has no more balls, after dumping his entire bag of balls into the lake.

Rory McIlroy grabs his nose. I thought it was your tooth! (Getty Images)

Toothache? After all Tiger Woods have done to make golf a respectable, athlete’s sport, with some semblance of fitness in there, you sent it back to the dark ages with that statement. A world number 1. Quitting because his teeth is painful. They should strip you of your dignity and hang you out to dry and never let you represent the game of golf ever again.

This is written out of sheer disappointment, Rory. Not spite or malice. After supporting you throughout your rise to world number 1 (although you’re a placeholder until Tiger gets it back), you have betrayed the trust of every golf hacker in the world. You quit. You lied. And you chose Nike’s money over your own career. Tiger wins IN SPITE of Nike, not BECAUSE of. And Tiger never walks away, unless he’s injured. Even when he was playing like a twit. You should have thought about it before going to the dark side.

Rory McIlroy begin escorted off the course. (Getty Images)

You’re done, Rory. You might still be world number one officially, but in reality, you can’t represent golf anymore, because you are a quitter and a liar, and you can only take successes but not the failures. For all of Tiger’s mistakes off the course, he never sullied the name of golf like you did as world number one. To hackers, this is similar to Lance’s Armstrong’s lies and cheats, it’s not forgivable. You’ve disrespected the tournament, the people who paid to see you and overall, the game of golf.

Tiger, the game of golf needs you back!