So yet another year ends – What brings 2018?

It used to be that once almost weekly I would have updated this blog, but not anymore. I would like to give the thousands of excuses like taking care of my two kids from getting killed by a thousand things in the house, like TV, fan blades and them jumping off the bed and swan diving onto my marble floor — sometimes I think I am in a real life game of lemmings. You know that game where I have to save those little buggers from committing suicide. Or I can blame my business, where I spend all the time figuring out how to get work done or get paid or how did I end up getting work done and not get paid or any of those permutation of events.

But I won’t.

Because the free time I have, yes, I am still whacking the tiny ball and trying to get it into the hole with the fewest stroke possible.

What does 2018 brings?

For one thing, I am finally playing reasonably good golf, after a LONG. Long. Time. Now, the very moment I write this I am going to jinx myself and I know for sure the next game will be a car wreck. But so far, the games I’ve been playing, I have been shooting regularly in the 80s, from the best of 84 to average of around 86 – 88 at least. I am playing probably to a reasonable 13 – 14 handicap now finally.

The best part of the game improved is my drive and irons. The driver is starting to click. I’ve developed a pre-shot routine that somehow works. It takes longer but it generally settles me down easier. It’s:

a) Select a far item in the horizon, point to it

b) Line up my driver and my stance

c) One practice stroke

d) Line up my driver and stance again

e) Do a shortened backswing to about quarter swing, to set my weight to my right

f) Waggle a bit

g) Look at something around 3 – 5 feet away in front of me (that means not in direction of the fairway, since I am already lined up perpendicular for a swing) – this usually ends up being the buggy, a stick, a tree, a bush, a monkey or a surprised caddy thinking I am pissed off at her

h) Take a deep breath

i) Take one last look down the fairway

j) Pull the trigger.

It sounds like a long pre-shot, but it’s actually quite brisk, around 15 – 20 seconds before I pull the trigger. I’ve been around guys who takes 40 + seconds to get the shot off, so I am considered ok. And it’s doing some incredible things to my game, because now, I am less rush, so I don’t swing so wildly. I still have this hook sometimes, but I am connecting it. I am much more confident that my driver is going to connect and when it does, it goes long, dropping around 240 – 250. I always think that we overestimate our distance, but I did do some measurements roughly and for some par 4s in Glenmarie valley, I was hitting my second shot into the green with a sandwedge.

The other aspect is my irons. After switching to my Mizuno, I can’t go back to anything else. I tried using my taylormade again the other day and promptly duffed or topped all my irons. The Mizuno is like a freaking samurai katana. It just feels balanced and awesome. It feels like I am having the staff of Gandalf with me. It helps that my iron distance has gone long as well – now for 100 meters, I am looking at sandwedge, for 110, a gap, and for 130, a pitching wedge and for 150 meters, a 9 iron. I hardly use my 8 or 7 anymore, because from 160 or 170 onwards I use my 6 iron and for 180 plus, 5 iron. I don’t use any utility and only occasionally I use my 5 wood to get two-on for par 5s. One of my friends calls me the Bull, for my bruteforce, not for my bullshit. At least, I think so.

And the aspects of my game that is completely stupid? Chipping, pitching, any shot that requires control. Except bunker. I love bunker shots now, and I use my 60 degree all. The. Time. No more sandwedges for me. But chipping? Nope. I have the yips. Pitching anything below 80 meters and I am likely going to duff it or skull it. I asked my friend if anyone sees a 70-degree wedge, let me know. At least I can do a full shot on it on 50 meters. For chipping, anything within sight of the green is puttable. A bad putt is a good chip, as they say.

So looking forward to more gametime in 2018 of course and guess what?

Tiger is back!!!!

Happy new year, Gilagolfers!

Tiger Tweet

For those who have been faithfully following Gilagolf eversince our inception 3 years ago, you’d know that we generally do two things: Comment on golf courses and follow Tiger Woods rabidly. Of course, on the way, we get distracted by the LPGA, some random ramblings, and some disconnected advice on how to improve our swing, through the awesome and non-reasonable purchases of golf clubs over ebay.

But Yeah, generally, Golf Course and Tiger Woods.

Why Tiger Woods?

Because as mentioned before, he is the sole reason why many of us actually picked up this game and started playing, and continued playing despite being humiliated multiple times on the golf course by our retarded swings. Tiger was the inspiration and to us, he will always be no.1, not this current guy at No. 1 who resembles a duck, and has as much personality as a granite rock.

And guess what, Tiger tweets! His tweet is at Although, my personal recommendation is that it will be as interesting as reading the Home Garden magazine; it’s his way of reaching out to his fans and being more ‘human’.

Tiger, if you so happen to read this, and you are among our 15-odd readers, here’s my advice:

Cut the crap.

Seriously. What’s “The Axe is back in Palo Alto where it belongs.” means? Why is it referencing some strange tradition in a college football game? Why are the tweets so boring, neutral and common? WHO CARES about your tweets, dude? We all know how robotic you are in interviews, so you’ll be the same in your tweets, going through the Nike censorship board and saying all the right things?

You should do two things: Shut down the twitter and facebook and start winning again, and being the cyborg alien golfer we all know you are; or use that twitter to taunt the other players or gossip about stuff they don’t let you talk about in interviews. You know what would be good? Here are some tweets you should be doing:

“I can’t wait to get back on the course and give that wanker Ernie Els another golf wedgie.”

“I have nicknamed the new World No 1 as the Mr Potato. How can a fat pumpkin like him beat me??”

“I need to build some confidence and bash some loser. I wonder where Stephen Ames is these days?”

“Rory sucks. Rory sucks. Rory sucks. Rory sucks. Rory sucks. Rory sucks. Rory sucks.”

“I’m pretty bored. Who wants to help me graffiti all the stupid new Accenture ads? Yaay!”

“Just had a hot date with Crystal Chandelier. I wonder why her mom would name her that…”