GilaStats now in BETA! Part 1

I’ve added the GilaStats link in the main menu, and it’s a new feature for Gilagolf readers. I got quite a number on queries on the golfcard and statistic program I use, and I thought, why not, just integrate it with this blog and give an option for everyone to put in their scores. This is still in BETA testing for now, so do let me know if there are any bugs or questions encountered.

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GilaStats Details:

This is a free program that I developed a long while back, and it’s pretty easy to use. You basically need to just track 3 things: Drive distance (for only fairway hits), Gross Score, Putts on each hole.

Then there are a few ways to get the scores into the system, either manually, or simply sending a pic of the scorecard to the system. All instructions are on the site, if any question, just email me at

GilaStats features include:

1) Game Ranking

Ranking your game in 8 main statistics (there are many more substats!) and allocating you a status ranging from MASTER all the way down to CRAP.

2) Community Ranking

Allows you to see within your community/tour/group how you measure up to the guys you play with every week. Beat them in the eight main statistics for bragging rights, and send them to CRAP rank! (Or, get out of CRAP rank yourself)

3) Ranking Points

Total Ranking points based on games played, entirely customisable on how points are allocated. Right now, I give more points to people who have birdies and eagles. We can tweak this to reward more points to average score or fairway hits, for instance.

4) Head to Head Challenge

A Head to head comparison to see who is really better, instead of the often used hacker style: “Aiya, that guy sure better mah, he drive so long. Give stroke!”

5) All Games, All ScoreCards

Every game is tracked, historical records of your scores, and trending on improvement

6) Golf Course Statistics

Golf course overview of all courses played!

Every course you play on has stats, and how well you generally play. You got easy holes and you’ve got your bogey holes.

Hole by Hole Analysis over the course that you’ve played on.