Introducing the Tiger Killer

Phil Mickleson was right.

A long time ago when he was still relevant to the game of golf, he said this of Tiger:

“Tiger you could be a sh*t lot better than what you are now, if only you stop using those inferior equipment of yours.” Pause. “I mean your golf clubs. Not your other anatomical equipment of course.”

Or something like that. It was a long time ago. Phil was still thin.

After watching him miss a 2 footer sitter than even a hack like me can probably can it 10 out of 10 times, I’ve decided that Tiger is killed by Nike.

Here’s the Tiger Killer:

Nice, eh?

It’s actually a great disguise for what the crappiest piece of junk ever found in sport. In fact, it was voted as the worst putter in history, after this fine piece of equipment:

Actually the hot dog putter is a really good one. Especially if you feel hungry also.

As long as Tiger refuses to dump the junk equipment he’s using, he has very little chance of winning any majors again.

Thanks Nike, for mass producing the crappiest golf equipment in history and killing Tiger Woods in the process.