Gilanalysis: January Summary

Standard Stats Summary

Surprisingly, driving distance of 41% is pretty reasonable, considering I thought I was worse, but 6 GIRs in 72 holes played, including par 3s??? That’s crap stats if you asked me. Sand saves are not calculated, so ignore it for now. Putting average is probably the strongest point of the game so far.

Detailed Stats Summary

My MGA handicap has actually ballooned to 20, so this year, I need to get back in shape and play to a 16, I know I can do that, except for these frequent brain farts and bad drives. Averaging 3 pars per round is not going to help, and an average of 95.75 actually puts me between 21-22 handicap. Why? Not enough birdies. And a horrendous performance on the par 3s, with only 3 pars out of 16 holes played. That’s crap. If that stat and GIR can improve, then the scores can definitely be lowered. On to February!

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