Seri Selangor gets a Gilagolf ‘Meh’

I’ve invented a new category, called ‘Meh’.

It’s an actual word, as you can find it in a wiki here:

Meh here, means you know what, we’ll probably play it again, but even if we don’t and the course goes disappears into an atomic blast, we’ll be ok. Meh.

Seri Selangor is a bloody tough course, especially to a guy who has hooks for his bad shots. I played 12 over in the last 4 holes, including an awful 6 on the par 3. I ended up 45-54, a rare inverted scores on the front and back, compounded with an awful short game, and as in every golfers blame: awful luck. ¬†Also, they changed one of my favourite holes, the 17th into a par 3. Apparently the story was one of the Dato’s whose house was stupidly next to the fairway, complaint that balls kept hitting his house. He went to the clubhouse with a gun and said, “if you guys don’t do something, I will.”, thus transforming one of Seri selangor’s most characteristic hole into a huge pile of tapir dung. I mean, is it legal to threaten people like that? with a gun? In Malaysia? I guess Datos get away with anything, literally murder.

Anyways, aside from the transformation on the 17th, the course condition was also awful. The greens remained the same, which was the only good thing about the course. The price went up to RM90, so methinks there is a conspiracy between all golf courses to hike their price, convert par 4s to par3s and rob us golfers. Kinrara, now Seri Selangor. However, even if my score was 8 strokes worse than my score in Kinrara, Seri Selangor greens are still great to putt on. And it’s close to home, so it’s a Meh.