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Mines Part Two

Its not coincidental that there is a sudden upsurge in article writing in golf lately. The interest is renewed. Thanks to Mr Tiger Woods, because he is back. Suddenly, the whole game becomes interesting again, and I am staying up … Continue reading

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The Absence of Inspiration

Yes, I admit this blog has not been updated for the longest time. And the few readers coming back has wondered if gilagolf has indeed a) Given up golf b) Died Well, neither is correct. You could say, for a), … Continue reading

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85 at Palm Garden

The up and down year continues. After posting a 93 in my first game in Kota Permai with 1 par, 1 birdie showing, I switched drivers and putters and promptly shot an 85 at Palm Garden. It had nothing to … Continue reading

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Golf is a funny game

It is. A funny game, that is. When you play like crap nuts, you sometimes still win like an immortal. When you play like an immortal, you end up losing like crap nuts. Palm Garden had always been a good … Continue reading

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Thistle Port Dickson Golf Club

Introduction Long time ago, there was once a course called Guoman Golf Course in Port Dickson. The name ‘Guoman’ immediately would evoke some confused looks amongst us, because it sounded like ‘Go-men’, in short, in Malaysian speak, ‘Government’, in short, … Continue reading

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Gilanalysis 19: Monterez

Handicap:20 Gross: 96 Net: 76 Verdict: So much for easier courses….. What Happened So I took my own advice and played on an apparently easier course than KGPA, the famously narrow Monterez. I thought, how bad can it be, if … Continue reading

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