Just thought to write something on this blog after so long.

It’s been almost a year since a post but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been doing anything!

Golf obviously has taken a back seat due to the Covid-19 and frankly, gives us a time to ponder how life is. To all the front liners, risking their health and life to keep us safe, kudos and thank you.

For all those other jokers who decided to break their quarantine and make trouble to everyone during the MCO, shame on you.

To all fellow golfers walking out of their homes like blind bats living in a cave for their whole lives – welcome back!

Golf has basically started ok since the lockdown. Been playing a lot at the home course – but the RHB courses hopefully will start playing next month onwards.

In terms of skills – rusty is all I can say, but surprisingly, the chipping has improved due to the countless hours of practicing at home due to the lockdown.

So now – back to golf, but keep your distance!!!