How on earth did my Bandwidth get exceeded??

I just had a report that my bandwidth of 10 GB for photobucket just got exceeded!

Ouch, all my pictures have disappeared.

And whats worse, I’m traveling. So slow internet access here….so, bear with me, I’ll try to get this thing up soonest…

I suppose this means that there are more people viewing this blog, and Gilagolf has to start accepting the fact that this is the greatest golf blog of all time. Such a humbling experience.

Update: Just found out that Photobucket will reset itself at the end of the month. I am far too cheap to pay for the unlimited pro version, I rather use the chaplang version I am using now. I suppose I’ll just look for a different image provider moving forward. Anyone with any ideas? Imageshack? Flickr? Multiply?

Sorry again, hope my words paint better pictures than…pictures.