Marilah Mengundi….

As a kid, one of those songs that stayed in my head, aside from the Transformers Theme song and that blasted Pizza Hut delivery 755-25-25 song…would be this Marilah Mari, Pergi Mengundi.

No, you won’t see a rant from me against the government or against the opposition. Frankly with all the mudslinging from both sides, and propaganda, and false pictures on facebook etc….I’m just a little tired, want Sunday to come and play golf next week.

I have close friends who are BN supporters, and close friends who are Opposition supporters. But that doesn’t mean we kill each other. I mean, deep inside, all my pals are voting for the same thing: more free days to golf. No, kidding. We’re voting for our nation’s future. Am I glad to see a strong opposition (be it whichever party come 5 May)? Of course, what would the Democrats be without the GOP? What would the elephant be without the donkey? It’s check and balance. It’s like a birdie and bogey. It balances your golf karma, it is the yin to your yang, it’s the chi to the chi-tung, whatever the heck that meant. I love this country and all its flaws, much like how I love playing golf.

Of course, the opposition has gained ground, despite the mainstream newspapers lambasting them. I must admit, those adverts in the Star newspaper were in poor taste. A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS? What the hell are you yamming about? They quote everything about Kelantan from their own sources, the Star. Who the craphole would do that?

Me: “As a wise man said-We are all beings of pre-cognisant entities”

You: “That sounds wise. Who said that, Ghandi?”

Me: “No, me. I am quoting me.”

You: “Loser.”

Which generally Star newspaper is. Losers. I completely hate that piece of trash tabloid now, because they make garbage look like diamonds. It’s worse than garbage. If the entire world’s sewerage filled with 7 Billion human being’s crap, along with possible 20 billion animal crap were to come pouring down, into one single gigantic hole of crap, it would only constitute 0.01% of the stink and feces that Star Newspaper actually represent. I’m not pro or anti government by a long shot, but this piece of Nazi propaganda has to stop. Because it’s childish. It belittles the reader. I rather be sucking on a poisonous Gila Monster’s big toe than to read another word of your paper.

And I feel bad for the Kelantanese. I know a lot of friends from there. I mean how would you like it if this sorry-a$$ newspaper keep picking on your hometown and calling it a HIV filled turdhole? I’d beat up the Star editor, and tee up the ball on his face.

As for the opposition, it doesn’t get better. I see some email that is obviously doctored on Word, stating a million foreign guys were on their way. Aduh. Ini obviously a hoax lah. The emails addresses or the foreign voter threat might be real but once you have an email in a Word Doc, it’s no longer credible.

One FB even sent this one, stating that this is KLIA and all the buses are waiting in line to fetch all the foreign voters.

Eh, this one mana ada KLIA? It looks like a place in California la. Unfortunately, all these pictures just create more hatred and anger, and comments. Citizens and gilagolfers, separate the truth from the turds. Don’t be like the Star Newspaper, the people’s turd paper. If we stoop to their level of imbecility in reporting nonsense and pass it off as truth, we, ourselves are to be admonished. Quote, Gilagolf.

I’m glad the campaign is almost over. I didn’t see any debates like civilized countries have. All I see was mud, racism, anger, foul language, gangsterism from all sides invovled. And yeah, a whole lot of stupid banners and flags. Can someone tell whoever has this idea that this used to work in 1923, but is considered retarded in 2013? I mean, why the hel* would I care about a damn flag placed 2 feet apart from each other, except to make me think: Did these turd monkeys use my MONEY to make these stupid flags??!??

Sign. Come Sunday, I know what I’ll be doing. Walking with my family to the polling station and casting my vote. Whatever the outcome on Sunday night, I will accept it. And play golf again hopefully next week and forget about the craziness that has been the past 2 weeks.

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