New Guest Post Feature

Now, I’ve been getting a lot of great and useful comments lately. Some have great updates on the courses that I have long banished from my memory (Frasers or Selesa), but might have some improvement in it over the past years or months. I’ll be adding in a “Guest Post” category at the end of each review and if your comments are very useful, and reasonably long to be considered a review, i’ll be using the time tested technology called copy-and-paste for this smacking new hi-tech feature. It’s awesome, this copy-and-paste technology, I tells you….

Anyways, I hope Khawar doesn’t mind as I put his ‘review’ up on Nilai Springs for the ‘guest post’ column. I am hopeful to get more participation from readers, as this blog, after 2 years in existence is finally getting some hits crawling up to 100,000 views with average of 150 views per day.

I’m hoping to review A Famosa, Saujana Cobra Course, Port Klang, Port Dickson Course, unless someone else has already hacked up those courses and reviewed it!

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