Paddy Harry the Open Champ

Boy, what a british open.

Sure, our prediction sucked again as the horse we bet on bombed spectacularly (KJ scored 40 on the front and shot an 8 on the last!!), and none of the dark horse even had a shot at it–Ross Fisher also shot 8 on the last enroute to a 79, AK shot 3 bogeys in the last 3 holes to come in for 40, and +12, and the only guy who had a shot as predicted was Henrik Stenson at +9 but he was 6 strokes off the lead.

You’ve got to hand it to KJ though. If any of us played like that, we would have been chewing the rubber off our club’s grip. I’ve never seen that dude lose his temper, the way Ernie did on the 2nd day when he tomahawked his putter after missing the putt on 18th.

So did Norman bombed as predicted? I wished he played better, it would have been a heck of a story if the shark won it. But no, he started with 3 bogeys on a trot and faded.

And the anonymous Wakefield shot 43 on the back 9 in a game very reminiscent of ours.

At the end, we’re quite happy with the result as Paddy has always been a favourite. But more importantly David Duval, Gilagolf’s most favourite, finished better than Sergio Garcia, Gilagolf’s least favourite.

A great Tiger-less Major!!