The Old Clubs Challenge

I’m trying to create an old school set to experiment on the course. We’ve been talking about really making Gilagolf Gila (or crazy), and might be interesting to play this dratted game with the OLDEST clubs in your possession (or you can get a hold of from your grand pappy’s storeroom), and see if our scores remain the same.

By the way, for all the clubs below, if anyone can shed light on the year of make, or year of production, it would be excellent!

So far I’ve cobbled up the following:

Is it me, or does anyone else think this is the coolest thing ever found in golf? I mean look at it….it’s an actual WOOD! It’s persimmon me thinks and this is why when youngsters ask, “Why do we call it a 3 wood when it ain’t a wood?”, you can go “Such a young punk, never appreciate the finer things of life.” This is my big dog, the big mama. The driver.

This is the big dog’s little brother, the really thrashed up 4 WOOD. I don’t think I can hit it any more, but darn, they look good together.

Ok, never mind, I’m gonna put this ‘newer’ Blue Ridge 3 wood in my bag. Also, I have a spare driver and what do you know, it’s the same loft as my 2010 Cobra driver!

Now in case my 3 wood breaks on the course, I have an additional one, the modern looking Taylormade BURNER. yeah! Super Technology!!

OK, I have Blue Ridge irons 3,5 and 9 so I’m using these. These look terrific.

And yes, my all time favourite set, the Ping Zing, which I have a few loose irons, mixed with the equally sexy Ping Eye2.

For my 60 degree, an extremely old Wilson Lob Wedge, and here’s my favourite weapon of ALL TIME:

The vintage Sam SneadĀ  putter…this is legendary, because it’s just flat. It’s way before the classical Anser shape, no offset, no inserts, no cavities…those are for sissys. Welcome to a man’s putter. Rock on.

With that, and an old scaly, snake skin Ping Bag, I’m ready to go. We can play our old clubs challenge.

Propose a stableford point system, with 1 point for using clubs older than 10 years, 2 points for 20 years, 3 points for 25 years, 4 points for 30 years, and 5 points for any old junk before 1981.

Hack away!!

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