Kinrara gets a Major Gila THUMBS DOWN!

Note to all Gilagolfers,

Sadly, the time of Kinrara being a haven for hackers is over. We used to be able to play there for around RM70 ish before. Now, it’s priced at RM95 per person. That’s not the worst part, the course is in an awful condition.

The irony is, the management decided to spend so much money building the clubhouse, that they neglected the course! The fairway drainage are still bad….but the rough is ridiculous. There’s no first cut, and the grass is allowed to grow horrendously long, like Bukit Beruntung. Also, they have converted a drivable par 4 4th hole to a par 3! So the front nine, plays, Par 4,5,3,3,3. That’s right. 3 par 3s in a freaking row. That’s awful, Kinrara.

Another thumbs down are the workers there. A lot of holes seemed like they are still undergoing repair. There are so many workers lounging around there barely doing anything. I mean, since we started this blog in 2007, I have never ONCE found Kinrara not undergoing some sort of maintenance work.

Oi! If you are maintaining your course, don’t charge so much la!!

Last time playing there. Sayonara, Kinrara.

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