Will Rory Flunk again?

Luke Donald, Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods played together for the second round.

So, tomorrow begins the big Doral matchup. Rory, Tiger, Luke. To say they are like Novak, Roger and Rafa is a stretch, since aside from Tiger, Rory and Luke hasn’t dominated in their play for a long period. But all eyes are on this threesome tomorrow, and I thought it might be time to break out into our prediction tradition once more!

Tiger Woods – He will shoot around 70. He always does that, usually on the first day. He’s notoriously known as a plotter around the course, and although you’d think he’s a risky guy, Tiger actually plays safe most of the time. Look to him to chat with Rory while completely ignoring the third wheel Luke Donald.

Rory McIlroy – Ah Rory. The joy of being young and the top dog. His tweets are weird and his response to him throwing a tantrum last week was: “I was wrong.” OK. Now for goodness sakes, clean yourself up, Irish man! The good news is that Rory ALWAYS plays well with Tiger. Because he’s a guy that needs motivation. Prediction is that he will go low, despite his mental disorder. Look around 67 or so and you’ll find him. He won’t choke as long as he’s with Tiger, because he knows he’s the sideshow, the salad, and Tiger is the main bacon in this group. Pressure off, scores down. Well done Rory. Now please don’t screw up.

Luke Donald – I don’t know about this chap. He’ll plod along around 69 or 70. It might play too long for his short drive, but I guess he’s No 3 in the world for a reason.

There you have it, now sit back and enjoy the show!