Enter the Draigon

It’s a nice title isn’t it? It’s like PaDraig, you know, as in Draig-on?

Ok, whatever.

Paddy has officially become our favourite Gilagolf golfer. He succeeded in defeating Sergio twice in the Majors, and this time, it was eerily familiar to the one he won at Carnoustie.

1. He came from the back on both occasions.

2. He defeated our most unpopular golfer, Garcia, on both occasions.

3. Garcia’s lip out on the par 3 17th was exactly the same as his lip out on the 18th in Carnoustie…he pulled it and the ball touched the left lip and curled out.

4. Paddy’s 18th hole was a hack, just like Carnoustie 18th hole last year.

5. Paddy’s 18th hole par save was exactly like Tiger’s 18th hole birdie attempt to send the US Open to playoff, both lying on the rough at the same distance and both having similar putts.

6. Garcia hit his approach on the 16th into the drink, just like Padraig hit his into the Burn in Carnoustie.

Now, Paddy only has to prove that he can win more majors with Tiger in the field.

Oh, here’s a great title if Paddy and Tiger ever gets paired up on the last day of majors:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Draigon

Good, eh?

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