Festive Season Nightmares

I hate to be the grinch. But I get him. I get the Grinch.

The problem with festive seasons is this: holidays + noise.

Holidays might be a good thing for 99% of the people in the country. But not so if you’re running your own business. If you are chasing contracts. Or chasing collections. Holidays are just constant bumps in the road…when you gain a little momentum, something like this happens when the whole week goes down the drain.

Now I’m fine with that, because I’ve learnt to cope with it.

The noise, I cannot.

It’s a wonder as new fathers grasp their new role as drowning monkeys grabbing on straws, adjusting to the constant demand of this new creature in the household, constantly yelling, screaming, kicking, crapping, crying, wailing, laughing, then screaming again, refusing to sleep, pulling etc. Sometimes you wonder, how on earth did this fler get contained in the womb??

And then after a long period of shush patting, coaxing, bribing, blackmailing and begging, the little one drifts off into sleep. And the parents clamber into the bed, exhausted, and having mirages of heaven in their sleep.

And then it begins.

The cursed fireworks. Which I believe is a 1000 year curse placed upon parents, by weird aliens living on planet Mongo. I hate fireworks. Especially the ones that sounds like frigging cannons from frigates blasting in the high seas, and causing part of our wall plaster to chip. We live in a place that’s one road away from a large kampung area, and I don’t know how they do it, they got their hands on these humongously powerful fireworks and just literally destroyed any semblance of peace we had in my area.

Little One wakes, screaming.

Parents wake, screaming.

Police? I don’t know. Isn’t fireworks already banned? Why aren’t they doing anything about it??


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