What’s the big deal about anchored putters?

By now, we’ve already entered into the twillight zone of the golf season. Meaning, there’s nothing much to yap about.

So, in line with keeping golf relevant, the governing body has decided that anchored putters will be banned in 2016 when the rule changes comes again. Apparently there’s a four year rule change, and 2012 has already passed.

So there’s another 3 years for guys like Adam Scott, Mr Ernie Else and Keegan Bradley and a host of other guys using either the long putter or belly putter to come to terms with their existence: use the darn putter as it is!

Tiger Woods is one of the guys against it. He has never used an anchored putter, instead flitting between his beloved Scotty Cameron and the god awful Nike Method. Both are normal blade putters.

So what’s the big deal? It’s a rule in golf, so live by it. If the rule of golf says you play 18 holes you play it. If it says your driver is limited to 460cc, then that’s the limit. If the rules says you eat Lima beans, you eat lima beans, or you don’t play it.

Frankly, anchored putters are not so hot for weekend hackers like us. Not only, I guess it’s an ego thing, but really, can you imagine the confusion it will cost if we’re betting and have the rule of given if putter length? Imagine the advantage that these guys will have over poor saps like us!

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