Gilagolf Returns

To coincide with the return of the golf season (more on that in a later post), I’ve decided to come out from my semi-retirement from golf and have a go this week at the relatively benign Kinrara course with a couple of my usual buddies. There were a few things I’ve learnt, after hitting my last golf shot in August 2012, before being forced into retirement by a wrist injury.

1) The cortisone injection kinda worked. I don’t feel the niggling pain anymore in my left wrist and I’m able to cock my wrist properly again. Thank you, medical advancement!! Cortinsone is like a steriod injection, similar the the type that Lance Armstrong is now in deep crap for…but while I did it to get better, he did it to sucker millions of people!

2) After 5 months, the theory of Gilagolf remains: Hackers will never improve by playing regular golf, and neither would they get worse by NOT playing regular golf. Meaning, no matter how many or how little golf we play, there is NO difference. My buddies who have been hacking regularly while I was out of action are still scoring the same as when I left them last year. Myself, out for so long, even managed to play better than I was before, due to another Gilagolf Theory: The longer we stop playing, the more time we get to purge our toxic swing.

3) Kinrara sucks. They converted the drivable 4th hole par 4 to a par 3. That’s mean. Because that was the hole we could drive the green. Because they had to do maintenance. CRAP SHOOT kinrara! Now you have 3 par 3s in your front 9???! In a row?? I might as well pay for pitch and putt!!

4) I shot a 94, with a 48-46, and sprinkling with 4 pars. Not bad, for someone who hasn’t been to a course for 5 months.

5) My drive got better, except for a 2 holes where I duck hooked. But that was a huge improvement. My irons were ok. But my wedges were SH*T. Both my triple bogeys came from horrendouse pitches inside 70 meters after great drives. My bunker play was also crap, messing up an eagle opportunity with some retarded bunker playing. My putting was good though, bombed in a couple of 20 footers in a row for pars.

6) So what now? I won’t be playing that much golf for sure. But still it was good to be back hacking. I don’t think I will ever break 90 with the short game I’m having right now. In fact, it got so bad that I putted from 20 meters off the green because I just. could. Not. Freaking. Chip.