GilaTwit – Good idea?

I thought it’d be a good idea to set up a gilatweet, so it can be followed at

Here’s a nice looking page

Just head over there and click on Follow +

The idea is that I can update on the fly when I head out and play on the course to get the course conditions etc. And if you are playing somewhere, and it sucks bad, we gotta let the whole world know about it. I think you can also update with @gilagolf in the reply column.Ka-POW! Instant power back to the hands of the golfers. Better not let these golf course owners bully us anymore! If they are sanding their dang greens, why should we be tricked into paying the same price??

I’m a first time twit (is that the name to use?), so if there are other gilagolfers who have been twits for a long time or are twits all your life, guide me along.

I’ll only start twitting if there are followers (and who the heck should I follow??), else I’ll be using my precious sens and ringgits on SMSes that doesn’t make a difference.

So is this a good idea?

For sexy reasons, I also gilagolf to I don’t really know where or how to use this, but the sole purpose is to show people that golfers can be semi-intelligent when it comes to technology as well.

A Famosa review coming up!!

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