Golf Channel – You suck.

Or to be more precise, your commentators suck.

I don’t know what’s their name, but those two flers commentating the Ryder Cup absolutely get on my nerves…especially the guy that talks in a half whisper with a bit of English accent.

This is the Ryder cup. There’s home court advantage to the Americans. What the h*** is home court advantage if they just clap their hands, drink tea and say, “Good day everyone?”

The fact is, the commentators in Golf Channel covering Ryder Cup 2012 in Medinah should be sacked. They have obviously demonstrated their biasness and bigotry for the Europeans. Note:

Poulter standing over a crucial putt. Commentator: “Come on, show us as you have always done, what you are made of.” And when the skinny pants Poulter makes it, commentator: “Yes! He is all courage.” Or something like that. The one thing I can’t stand is his demeaning and condescending view of the fans in medinah, at one point, saying the “vociferous” crowd has no class in laughing at Sergio Garcia duffing an easy chip like a 24 handicapper. He mentioned that they should not jeer or laugh, and it was inappropriate.

I don’t know who the heck this guy is, but he should shot point blank up his nose with a paint ball gun. He seemed to have forgotten that this wasn’t golf. It was the Ryder Cup event. The home advantage is “Advantage”. And Sergio fluffing a chip? He’s making billions from playing this stupid game and he can’t take a bit of jeering? Come on.

The commentator for the Ryder Cup is absolutely pathetic. Don’t cover the Ryder Cup if you don’t know what home advantage is. And above all, don’t demean paying fans to watch millionaires play a game that most of us play by sneaking out of the office or home. The fans deserve to jeer or cheer, it’s the nature of the Ryder Cup tradition.

I’ve muted this annoying idiot and am now watching silent golf.