Tiger, Why You No Win at Ryder Cup?

Y U No - Tiger Woods Y U NO enter putt at ryder cup?

I watched the game.

The last putt. The final putt that everyone on earth knew Tiger would hit, do a fist pump and halve the match between him and Lee Westwood/Nicolas Colsaerts.

He apparently partnered a guy called Steve Stricker, who played like he had hernia throughout the game. Stricker was absolutely, foul-mouthedly horrendously shite. In fact, at one point, I saw Jim Furyk turned a disdaining look at this old fart as if to say: “Tiger dumped me for you? You play worse than a crippled, herniated chimp.”

So Tiger was actually being gangbanged by two guys. I mean on the golf course of course. Stricker was just there for the show, and if USA had their way, this would be the absolutely last time Steve Stricker had anything to do with the Ryder Cup. Forever. He SUCKS.

Anyway, Tiger had that last putt, a right to left about 8 – 10 feet. The bet was that when there was something on the line, he always delivered. 16th hole, the down hill 15 footer. 17th hole, the tee shot sticking to the pin, when the crippled herniated chimp had dumped his into the water.

He putted, the ball tracked and treacherously for unknown reasons, steered too far left, molested the side of the cup and stayed out, to the groans of 40,000 people in the gallery. Tiger failed.

Much like his retarded 4 footer putt that didnt even touch the hole on the 15th, Tiger has been very….crap lately with his Nike endorsed putter. And playing with a guy like Coesarts didn’t help. This Belgian was seriously like Terminator. He ended with eight birdies and an eagle, with long putts all over the green. It came to a point when as long as he was on the green, no matter if he was putting from across the country, he would dunk it in. 8 birdies. And if his first hole putt that molested the cup, or another putt that did a 360 before rimming out had gone in it would be: 10 birds and 1 Eagle. A -12.

As it is, the Europeans put their first win on the board for the afternoon and instead of being down 6 -2 , they are 5 – 3, and Tiger has been benched by that idiot Davis Love for the morning shootout on Saturday. Yo, Davis Love, nobody bench Tiger. You should just euthanise Stricker and move on.