I Gotta Get Me One of These!

I played my first golf game today after the longest layoff in my golfing history. I shot a horrendous 53 on the front at Tasik Puteri’s 3rd nine and 47 on the easier 1st nine.

I gave up on my HiBore driver halfway as I could only manage to hook the ball into OB all the time. The last six holes, I played 2 par, 1 double and 3 bogeys to somehow save my game, and within those, I had at least 2 good pars I missed due to 3 putts. Because the last six holes I dumped my stupid Cleveland driver and took up my friend’s R11.

Now I’m not giving excuses. My swing still resembles an ape trying to hump a turtle. Sideways. But the R11 had two things:

1) Head weight. I finally know where the driver head is. I never knew where it was with my HiBore.

2) Forgiveness. I was having a bad swing day, but bad hits went even further than some of my friend’s good hits.

Any of you guys swing one of these?

I’m beginning to think that equipments do make a difference in bad golf.

After cracking around the bend on one of the holes that put me only 70 meters from the green, I just kinda looked at it and felt like Flinn Rider, the dude from the disney animation Tangled and how he felt about Rapunzel’s Frying Pan (sorry for the Disney reference, been readying up for baby by watching more cartoons…and hey, Disney rocks anyway)

Tangled was actually pretty darn funny.