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I’ve migrated from AGN to SSGLinks, after finding out that I only used my AGN card about the same amount of times I go for colonscopy. To be frank, I also bought the Top Premier Voucher book, which is a very cool way to play in all sort of golf courses around Malaysia. I haven’t really done a side-by-side comparison between SSGLinks, Top premier voucher, AGN or any of those other cards out there, but I’m sure they are all pretty competitive. For instance, Top Premier book gave me RM55 at Tasik Puteri, while SSGLinks gave me RM50.

As an SSGLinks member, I am obviously privy to some of their marketing information, so I’ll publish it here for Gilagolfers’ consumption. If you have any stuff on the other card membership that you think would be better, feel free to let me know and let’s see which is the better one.

SSGLinks gave me an interesting calculation on how they can help us save money yearly by joining them (so we can use that saved money to buy needless golf clubs and gadgets). Assuming we play 3 times on weekends and 3 times on weekdays a month on certain golf courses (that’s six times a month, which many of us probably don’t, unless you’re doing something your boss doesn’t know about, and having many meetings with Mr. Par Bir Die company.

Public Rate

Public Rate Premier Card

Danau GC


RM 137.50

RM 40.00

Tasik Puteri G & CC


RM 168.00

RM 110.00

Perangsang Templer GC


RM 155.00

RM 85.00

SSG Beringin GC


RM 80.00

RM 40.00

Danau GC


RM 84.00

RM 40.00

Kinrara GC


RM 85.00

RM 60.00


RM 415.00

1 Month

RM 8514.00

RM 4980.00

x 12 Month




RM 8514.00

RM 5779.00

So there’s a savings there of about 2k or thereabouts. I’m sure other cards have their plus points and calculations as well so it’s a matter of which one you think is the most comfortable one.

The courses listed here are mainly in the Not Too Shabby or Must Play List on gilagolf, so at least we don’t have those freaking disasters like Bukit Unggul and slimy Berjaya courses.

They currently have 40 clubs, including A’Famosa, ORNA, Era,Gunung Raya and Genting Permaipura. We’ve only hacked 2 out of those, so hopefully we’ll be able to hack more.

Here’s SSG Deails

Tel: 03-78439512/13


Happy Hacking!

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