The Open Final Round: Game of Idiots

Here’s the official one.

Adam Scott wins the 2012 British Open.

He has about six holes left, but I’ll just put it down as he has won it. In fact, they should just give it to him right now and save us the trouble. The entire bunch of PGA professionals who earn millions a year have suddenly started to hack around like some pathetic Gilagolfers.

Tiger? He did an absolutely stupid shot on the sixth where he hit into the wall of bunker en route to a triple bogey. That would have been ok, if not he just slammed in 3 bogeys as well, and all of them absolutely stupid putting. Can someone tell him to just get rid of the god awful Nike putter he is using?? He TRULY SUCK at Nike Putter! Go back to your scotty cameron!!! Anyway, he’s gone, as he bogeys 14th to fall back to -3. Six back, too much to play, another pathetic final round showing of a guy who used to own the final rounds of major. Blasted Nike equipment messing up Tiger Woods.

Snedeker? He’s been out of it since Saturday. I don’t even know why he’s playing golf.

Graeme McDowell? The way he swings reminds me of a friend of mine, who plays to a 24 handicap. They have similar swings. And Graeme is an absolutely horrendous player. His only major was due to that equally stupid Dustin Johnson messing up.

Great. As I write this, Adam Scott just birdied 14th. He has to be AN ABSOLUTE USELESS PIECE OF CRAP if he loses this Open. It’s not that I don’t like Adam Scott. I just don’t like his racist caddy, Steve Williams, who should have been shot and hung. Adam Scott doesn’t look like anyone who likes to pick a fight, so I guess he just swept it under the carpet. I can’t believe that idiot Steve Williams can get away with calling someone Black Asshole when John Terry or Luis Suarez has to get punished for the same sort of remark.

Anyway, Ernie just bogeyed. Tiger just bogeyed.

Everyone just absolutely sucked. Such a lousy final round of the Open. I’m done ranting.

Well done, Adam Scott. Don’t celebrate too much by letting your racist caddy’s big mouth run again!

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