The Picture that Tiger hates most

One of my favourite pastime these days is trawling the web looking for Tiger Woods news, while eating left over chinese new year cookies…or trying to finish the 232 mandarin oranges left at home.

Tiger has had so much bad press about him, you’d think people should just give him a break and move on with life. To see how the mighty has fallen, even the association for animals are ‘hentaming’ the guy! I thought this was funny…and so merciless. Talk about hitting a dead dog.


However, the picture that probably pisses Tiger off the most is:

I can’t get over how a short asian dude can take Tiger down in the majors. This is such a cool picture.

In fact, through some hi-tech technology and state of the art animation and graphical processing that Dreamworks would be proud off, GilaTech managed to magically alter the picture for you to draw your own triumphant face there.

funny.jpg picture by gilagolf
As you can see, the graphics and artistic skill is obviously there.

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