Who’s Better: Natalie Portman vs Zooey Deschanel

In one of these bleary eyed Fridays, we were having a round table discussion over lunch on a subject of the utmost importance: If you were to have a free round of 18 holes (not more, please) with a famous actress who would it be? I kinda narrowed it down to two of my favourite, so either of these two, who would it be?



Of course, this is limited to purely playing GOLF. The wiser people would ask: “Why the he*l are we playing golf if we have 4 hours to spend with these two??” or “Why not dinner?” or why not… some other not so PG-13 activities?

Again. None of us will ever have any chance in heaven or heck to ever have 4 hours with these two or any other actresses named over lunch…so this is purely a hypothetical question. It ain’t happening. Face it. I just thought it’d be funny to see who we’d rather golf with if given a chance.

Some of the actresses named over lunch might be hot, but seriously, would you want to spend the next 4 hours hacking a golf course with them? Would they be as crazy as you, or laugh at your ultra stupid golf remarks? Or would their fake nose and botox wear off and after the game, they would resemble Smeagol?? Tough questions indeed.

By the way, finally, these two are finally teaming up for the upcoming comedy-fantasy movie, “Your Highness”. It looks to be absolutely hilarious!! Check it: