Gilanalysis 6: Bangi – 2nd and 3rd


Gross: 93

Net: 73

Verdict: Driving was up and down like the share market!

What Happened

This was an unexpected game, because we were due to play in Danau, using one of the free vouchers that I had. we arrived at 8 sharp and smack into a wall of Koreans. I mean, literally, it was as if I was magically transported to Seoul. After wading through this sea of foreign fellas, we hit right into a long line at the registration counter. Danau has only ONE person manning the entire registration process. ONE. After about 15-20 minutes of waiting, this ONE person finally walked out, leaving a bunch of us bewildered on what the &*$* was happening. She came back to say, “Sorry, no more buggy.”

OK. This is total crap. It’s like waiting the whole day to do your darn IC and at 4 sharp, with only one more person in front of you, they say, “Come back again tomorrow.” WHAT?!! Is this a government golf course? Oh wait, it’s a university. Same service. Well done, Malaysia, on setting up universities that are mirroring exactly what a life of service hell will be like for us low life scums called the rakyat. Behold and worship the Koreans!

So, we headed to Bangi down the road and amazingly, parked, changed, registered, zipped into an empty course in 5 minutes. Beautiful Bangi. Aaah.

Ok, enough of yammering. We played 2nd and 3rd since the first (our favourite with all the reachable par 5s) was closed. I promptly started with a par, then duffed my chip on the 2nd to a double. I drove really solid after that enroute to 5 straight bogeys, including 2 three-putts that could have been pars. The greens in Bangi= SOLID. Very very fast, very very nice to putt. They also beautified the drivable Hole 4, now the pond has a nice embankment. The greens weren’t so good on the 3rd nine (that’s why, never play on the 3rd), but aside from my slice, I managed to play respectable, even on a mickey mouse course like Bangi.

Nothing special happened, except for a guy on my flight slamming in a 50 foot putt on the index 2 6th. And he’s like handicap 24. So his net score was actually a 1.

Why I Sucked

Drive, drive, drive. It’s like a love hate story. One hole I absolutely adore my new S9-1, the next, I want to snap the shaft and burn it as a sacrifice to the Koreans. Hole 8, sliced into water on the right. Hole 11, snapped hooked into the jungle on the left. I just managed to 5-on and two putted. Then hole 15, sliced into oblivion. Hole 16, also sliced into oblivion, but somehow, hit a lone tree and snapped back out again to the fairway. Par. Now I don’t know whether my missed shot is a snap hook or a banana slice. Great.

Not So Sucked

Putting returned after the horrendous outing at Perangsang. I still 3 putted a few, but due to the large undulating and lightning fast greens, I have no complaints. My drives (when connected) were generally VERY encouraging, it had a slight fade ball flight and was easier to control than my tremendous hook.

What to Work On

Drive. Need to make that fade a lot more consistent. Aside from that, my irons also suffered for unknown reasons. Chunked a lot of easy shots. If you can’t break 90 in Bangi, you can only hope you still have your pants on when you play Seri Selangor. I know it makes no sense. It just sounds pretty foreboding.