Gilanalysis 5: Perangsang


Gross: 98

Net: 78

Verdict: The Putter refused to go to work today, and the new shaft=new problems.

What Happened

You know, sometimes when you take someone for granted so much, you never think twice of what it would be like without that person? It’s like your Personal Assistant, or your secretary, or the tea lady that comes every 4 pm with good coffee. One day, this person doesn’t show up and the entire office goes into chaos. One of my most dependable (and by dependable, it means, it doesn’t shank my darn ball into oblivion at various, unpredictable moments) clubs in my overweight bag is my Odyssey DFX blade. I can putt unconscious with that. Guess what. DFX didn’t show up to the office today and  ended with 3 putting on 5 holes and at least 3-4 putts missed within 3-4 feet range to save par or bogey.

Teed off back nine. Missed a 4 feet for bogey. Ouch. 11th, missed a 3 feet for par. ARG! 12th, I regulation on, 3 putt. Then brain farted on 13th, where my supposedly lay up found the ravine. Double. I snapped hooked my drive on 14th but recovered to land it on the fringe, good chip but proceeded to miss my 3 feet par!! So on and on it went, it was either 3 putts or missed 3 feets. I capitulated on the 16th, snap hooking two drives OB.

My normal game came back on the front nine but destroyed myself again on the index 1 7th, the hardest, darnest hole we’ve ever played. My friend hit 3 balls in the water and 2 OB before we stopped him from absolutely going ballistics. (and back flight catching up to us).

Why I Sucked

Putts suck. Simple. And drive. I snapped my driver shaft a few days back and had a fujikura E150 Fiton Regular replace my Aldilla DVS Cobra stock. I thought I would play better but 4 pull hooks later, I was using back my old, cheap first gen Hibore for the back nine. Maybe I need time, because they guy that sold me said the Fujikura E150 was an excellent shaft, and through my years of experience, I have absolute and complete trust in salesmen, especially ones with shifty eyes that refuses to look you in the eye, that they will focus on giving what’s best for me, and not what gives them the best margin, best accelerators, best quota and god knows what else sales people talk about. Yep, momma says to trust salesmen with your life savings and I always have.

Not So Sucked

Hard to find any positives this time around. Maybe my irons. I seem to have sorted my 100-120 meters, to a point I would ask the caddy how far to hit on my second shot on par 5s, to the 100 meter marker, instead of the green. Some arithmetic is good for the brains, caddy.

What to Work On

I don’t know how to work on Putts, except for my RM60 putting green I’ve put in the office. For my drive, it must be the new shaft, and I really need to bring it to the range to get re-acquainted with her…or else, it’s back to ugly HiBore again.

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