Gilagolf prediction was right…sort of.

Martin Kaymer

At the beginning we predicted Euro to beat US. – Correct

Then we predicted US to win Euro at the last day – Wrong

Then we predicted that Love sucked and put Tiger in the inconsequential last match, which was exactly correct.

So what went wrong for the US, who in golf terms, just suffered a shocking Adam Scott collapse in the final day?

Steve Stricker is absolutely useless. Furyk didn’t get it going and his monkey swing wasn’t going to hold up under pressure, hence a bogey-bogey finish to cost the US the win.

And of course, Davis Love, who would go down as the biggest idiot of the century to put Tiger at the back of the pack when it did not matter at all.

So many stupid people in the US team, they deserved to lose. But who could have predicted Bubba Watson getting bamboozled so early by Luke Donald? Luke Donald’s drive is about half the length of Bubba and yet he managed to steamroll Bubba. It’s simple. Davis Love never used his brains. Never put Bubba up front. His mental strength is as strong as a retarded duck. I mean, he’s the same guy that said The US Open course was “too tough for him”. He gives up so easily and gets discouraged quickly.

Luke Donald

The rest like Webb Simpson and Keegan Bradley did what they could, they had a good campaign. Phil had a so-so campaign but with Justin Rose bombing putts from every where, what else can you do? Snedeker, the 11.4 million dollar man was worthless as well as far as effort was concerned.

Was Woods also culpable? Yes of course. He played like a twit. But he should have gone first and gave US some breathing space. Why the crap would you put Bubba in the first flight??! And then followed by two Ryder Cup Rookies? If any fault should be laid, it should be on Davis Love the III, the absolute worse Ryder cup captain in history. His captain picks were crap, and discriminatory (choosing the old fashioned Stricker and Furyk over the more flamboyant Hunter Mahan and Rickie Fowler), and throughout the week, he demonstrated leadership as strong as a potato chip drench in urine. Davis Love absolutely should be sacked and deported to Puerto Rico and have his citizenship stripped forever.

So ends the golf season. And probably won’t be posting for some time, unless I get to play a course I never played before.

Hope you enjoyed the Gila Ryder coverage!

Tiger, Why You No Win at Ryder Cup?

Y U No - Tiger Woods Y U NO enter putt at ryder cup?

I watched the game.

The last putt. The final putt that everyone on earth knew Tiger would hit, do a fist pump and halve the match between him and Lee Westwood/Nicolas Colsaerts.

He apparently partnered a guy called Steve Stricker, who played like he had hernia throughout the game. Stricker was absolutely, foul-mouthedly horrendously shite. In fact, at one point, I saw Jim Furyk turned a disdaining look at this old fart as if to say: “Tiger dumped me for you? You play worse than a crippled, herniated chimp.”

So Tiger was actually being gangbanged by two guys. I mean on the golf course of course. Stricker was just there for the show, and if USA had their way, this would be the absolutely last time Steve Stricker had anything to do with the Ryder Cup. Forever. He SUCKS.

Anyway, Tiger had that last putt, a right to left about 8 – 10 feet. The bet was that when there was something on the line, he always delivered. 16th hole, the down hill 15 footer. 17th hole, the tee shot sticking to the pin, when the crippled herniated chimp had dumped his into the water.

He putted, the ball tracked and treacherously for unknown reasons, steered too far left, molested the side of the cup and stayed out, to the groans of 40,000 people in the gallery. Tiger failed.

Much like his retarded 4 footer putt that didnt even touch the hole on the 15th, Tiger has been very….crap lately with his Nike endorsed putter. And playing with a guy like Coesarts didn’t help. This Belgian was seriously like Terminator. He ended with eight birdies and an eagle, with long putts all over the green. It came to a point when as long as he was on the green, no matter if he was putting from across the country, he would dunk it in. 8 birdies. And if his first hole putt that molested the cup, or another putt that did a 360 before rimming out had gone in it would be: 10 birds and 1 Eagle. A -12.

As it is, the Europeans put their first win on the board for the afternoon and instead of being down 6 -2 , they are 5 – 3, and Tiger has been benched by that idiot Davis Love for the morning shootout on Saturday. Yo, Davis Love, nobody bench Tiger. You should just euthanise Stricker and move on.

Golf World at Medinah

Well this week is the week.

After what has been a thoroughly disappointing season for us Tiger fans, at least we have one thing to look forward to: Ryder cup. I mean, Tiger lost the Fedex to a mop hair guy called Brandt Snedeker last week. This Snedeker fella won 11.4 Million USD in four days. OK, that’s about 5 hours a day. So per hour, Snedeker was winning 570,000USD per hour. Half a million an hour. Playing golf. I feel like smacking him in the face.

Anyways, back to Medinah. Where on earth is Medinah anyway? It’s in the outskirts of Chicago. Not many people know, Chicago is in the state of…Illinois. You might be able to get your golf tee times for Medinah over at EZ Links. But I won’t bet on it for this weekend.

So who’s gonna win it?

Key stories to tell:

1. Tiger vs Rory

This is obviously a dream pairing if they get together on Singles Sunday. I mean, this would absolutely blow the TV ratings off the roof.

2. Europe Emotional

Europe is very emotional now, with Seve Ballesteros’s spirit hovering over them.

3. USA’s Hot Streaks

That Brandt guy is on a hot streak. Let’s just hopefully it can last as long as his Justin Bieber hairstyle.

4. The Hometeam

With US as hometeam, they might be able to carve some advantage. US has only won on homesoil since 1993. That’s almost 20 years of hard luck outside of US. But they’ve won the previous US edition, so it’s good.

5. The Prediction

I’d love to say it’s the US, but based on the captains, I’d say the Euro could fancy taking this one. Davis Love is just not there as a leader. Compared to Olazabal, he’s pretty sterile.

Ryder Cup – The truth behind the selections

OK, Ryder cup time is almost upon us. Bring out the late night snacks, the drinks, the bets. Ryder Cup golf betting could be big this year, as we prepare for what is the closest in golf to head to head, mano e mano, in your face competition. Face it, golf is awful boring when Tiger is playing more like Tasmanian Tiger, i.e extinct. But the Ryder cup (forget the sissy Presidents Cup) is the penultimate single one to one brawl in golf.

But here’s the honest truth. The Americans are in trouble. Not because Tiger is putting like he’s already got glaucoma, or the fact that Rory for some strange reason had found his mojo and now trashing everyone; it’s because of their selection. Davis Love III really sucks as the captain.

OK, I never liked Davis Love III. He comes across as a spoiled, rich guy who doesn’t know hard work and who was born with a silver spoon stuck firmly in his pouty mouth. He likely is not, but in Gilagolf, we place a lot of importance in looks…and believe that generalisation is the best way to go about life.

Anyway, for those who played their way into the team…great, got no beef against these guys. It’s the selection picks. There are four of them.

1. Jim Furyk

The fist of furyk has long lost its mojo. With a swing resembling an iguana trying to hump a polecat, he might bring some veteran leadership into the team, but face it, with these young punks, he’s going to be blown out of the water. Rating: Poor.

2. Dustin Johnson

We like him. But the fact is that his mental game is KFC’s mash potatoes. He’s just not there. He’s not a closer. 2010 US Open, with 3 up in the final round, he cockily said, “If I keep playing like this, I’ll be hard to beat.” Thank you. The golf jinx is back. He shot 82 and had to hide his big head in a hole. Come on. 82, and you’re still in the team? Jeez. Rating: Disaster.

3. Steve Stricker

Probably the best for captain’s pick. He’s the kind of guy who plays like he’s on life support. He’s so dead boring. Even the camera man has been known to move away from his game to observe ants carrying grains of sand for half hour. Stricker is probably not the best when faced with blustery Europeans, but who else is there? Rating: OK

4. Brandt Snedeker

I just don’t like writing his name. It’s too difficult. Why do you have a ‘t’ at the end of Brand? What purpose does it serve?? likewise, why oh why are you selected?? We need cocky, confident, alpha males in Ryder cup. Seriously. The whole context changes and you can’t depend on normally dependable guys who ‘plays the course’ to succeed. We need guys like Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan … young punks playing crazy game and taking stupid risks, and stare at the opponents in the face and go, yeah, I am going to Gangnam style you, man! can you imagine this guy doing gangnam style? You can’t, then ok, forget it.

Who should have been selected?

1. Rickie Fowler – He’s a punk that dresses like an American Ian Poulter, except he’s more colorful

2. Hunter Mahan – come on, I know he chokes, but give him a break. He won twice. Now he’s crying because it’s so hard to watch the Ryder cup, after earning 5 million this year. Yeah right. What about the guy in south india that earns 2 USD peddling stones 5 miles a day? Huh, Mr Mahan??? Ooops, sorry, forgot I was supporting you. Gangnam Style!

3. Ok, I would take Dustin Johnson as well, because he’s so…tall.

4. Stricker. The Empire Stricks back. I think that would have been an excellent headline if US can win the cup due to him.

Bring it on!!