Golf World at Medinah

Well this week is the week.

After what has been a thoroughly disappointing season for us Tiger fans, at least we have one thing to look forward to: Ryder cup. I mean, Tiger lost the Fedex to a mop hair guy called Brandt Snedeker last week. This Snedeker fella won 11.4 Million USD in four days. OK, that’s about 5 hours a day. So per hour, Snedeker was winning 570,000USD per hour. Half a million an hour. Playing golf. I feel like smacking him in the face.

Anyways, back to Medinah. Where on earth is Medinah anyway? It’s in the outskirts of Chicago. Not many people know, Chicago is in the state of…Illinois. You might be able to get your golf tee times for Medinah over at EZ Links. But I won’t bet on it for this weekend.

So who’s gonna win it?

Key stories to tell:

1. Tiger vs Rory

This is obviously a dream pairing if they get together on Singles Sunday. I mean, this would absolutely blow the TV ratings off the roof.

2. Europe Emotional

Europe is very emotional now, with Seve Ballesteros’s spirit hovering over them.

3. USA’s Hot Streaks

That Brandt guy is on a hot streak. Let’s just hopefully it can last as long as his Justin Bieber hairstyle.

4. The Hometeam

With US as hometeam, they might be able to carve some advantage. US has only won on homesoil since 1993. That’s almost 20 years of hard luck outside of US. But they’ve won the previous US edition, so it’s good.

5. The Prediction

I’d love to say it’s the US, but based on the captains, I’d say the Euro could fancy taking this one. Davis Love is just not there as a leader. Compared to Olazabal, he’s pretty sterile.